What Jupiter in Libra/the 7th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Libra in Jupiter or in the 7th house

Two is more than a magic number for those born with Jupiter in Libra and the 7th house. It’s your access to expansion in every way!

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Traits of Jupiter in Libra

This partnership-powered placement of Jupiter in Libra gives you a gift for harmonizing with “attractive opposites” who pick up where you leave off. With abundant Jupiter here, you may be half of many dynamic duos—in business, creative collaborations, even juggling multiple relationships with the planetary libertine spurring your mojo.

While you love joining forces, you’re not a fan of being possessed or restricted in any way. As such, you pair best with independent, open-minded people who are more interested in co-creating magic than putting rules and labels on your relationship.  

Jupiter in Libra in love

That said, you WILL commit when your heart is into it. And for that to happen, there must be a sense of epic expansiveness, as if the two of you could grow endlessly together. Yes, you’re a romantic idealist: If you’re going to be in it for life, why settle for anything less than a soulmate? When you’re ready to partner up, your search for The One will be a colorful journey.

Risk-taker Jupiter expands your palette, so enjoy the offerings on Cupid’s sampler platter. Test out people from different cultural backgrounds, life experiences and upbringings before figuring out what makes you swoon.

With global Jupiter in Libra, you might meet your mate while traveling, at a retreat or love workshop. What matters most for longevity, however, is that your philosophies about life align. It’s not just about where you’re from…but also about where you’re going. And if you’re taking this journey together, it’s going to be filled with mind-expanding studies, no-holds-barred conversations and treks to every corner of the world! Make a budget—and stick to it.

With this luxury-loving Jupiter in Libra placement, you can’t get enough of those five-star experiences. But #resortlife CAN get expensive, especially with the planetary god of the feast whetting your appetite. Peaceful Libra  is the star sign associated with  the Scales. This gracious-but-candid Jupiter position gives you skills as a mediator and ambassador.

Jupiter in Libra’s eye on justice

Social justice, fairness and equity are prized principles, making you an outspoken activist. As you evolve into a spiritually centered state, your path may involve helping others find balance, perhaps as a yoga teacher, counselor or life coach. With the planet of publishing here, you may find your fortune writing, podcasting, or YouTubing as a relationship expert.

Entrepreneurial Jupiter here makes you a killer negotiator. “Let’s make a deal!” could be your mantra. Since this peacekeeping placement likes to keep the vibe harmonious, hiring an agent or rep to be your “bad cop” could be a savvy business move. 

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