Aries Entertaining Style

Aries entertaining involves lavish preparations. Your sign needs a disco nap before your party starts.

Does Aries like to party?

Aries is impulsive and spontaneous, so whenever you throw a party, it’s bound to be unforgettable. For that reason, you prefer hosting intimate gatherings where you indulge yourself and your closest friends—or else you’ll be the absolute center of a dazzling extravaganza. Either way, you’re a born star and are likely to preside over the festivities, stealing the show without trying.

The Aries host

You work and play hard, but when you’re throwing a fete, it’s best not to do all the work yourself. Hire a caterer, servers, a band—or rent a karaoke machine. You’re great at working out every detail with perfect finesse, but if possible, let others do the bulk of the physical work while you add the finishing touches. Otherwise, you’ll exhaust yourself, and could be too drained to enjoy the festivities.

One of your signature traits is that you can’t hide your feelings and be fake. Avoid inviting unpleasant frenemies who could pop your bliss bubble. You prefer to take the lead and control the guest list, the music, the menu and the evening’s activities, so make sure you include those who will most appreciate your efforts. As a host, you’re enthusiastic and generous and want to make sure everyone has a great time.

Of course, your parties aren’t always planned months in advance. You can impulsively throw a rager with friends from every port. Keep a couple bottles of wine and sparkling cider handy, along with crackers and artisanal cheese. Be ready to entertain people when they’re in town for business or just want to drop by for a visit.

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