Aries Friendship

An Aries friendship means verbal spars (if you can handle it) and a lot of fun. We threw in a gift guide for your Aries friend, too.

When it comes to friendship, Aries may be the zodiac’s most misunderstood soul.

This sign’s communication style is direct and to the point. Sometimes, people often take Aries the wrong way. Chances are good your Aries friend has accidentally offended a person or two (or you!). Their take: “If they’d only listen and do it my way, everyone would be happy!” But there’s a fine line between taking charge and forcing an agenda. With time, most Aries learn the difference.

Like a verbal spar? Make an Aries friend

Although they don’t like compromise, they can be brilliant diplomats. Learning patience is key for an Aries. But be prepared, an Aries friendship means you will experience an argumentative edge. You may need to remind them to consider another point of view. Ask them to pause and listen to what you’re saying. If you find them striving to prove your point, back off and breathe for a moment. They are warriors and may pull out weapons and attack. An Aries who is self-aware will practice this restraint, and work hard to perfect tactful responses.

Hanging out with an Aries friend

Aries prefer to spend quality time with a few close friends or to be the center of attention in a huge group—but nothing in between. They’re sensitive to noises, smells and other people’s vibes, so they can become a little distracted if there’s too much stimulation. They’re great at one-on-one conversation, and love to have a stimulating talk about ideas that fascinate them. That said, a charged–up dance floor may feature them smack in the middle of it, rousing the enthusiastic crowd.

They’re more likely to socialize if it’s connected to forwarding their personal goals—they prefer hanging out with a purpose. If not, there had better be invigorating conversation and a long-lasting connection that’s based on generosity, understanding and most of all, fun!

Gift guide: The perfect present for an Aries friend

  • Bright red, purple or fuschia accessories like a wallet or purse
  • A bodywork session, such as a massage or acupuncture
  • Adrenaline rushes like skydiving, a helicopter ride or hang-gliding
  • Boxing gloves and lessons to go with it
  • A facial at a haute spa
  • Karaoke machine
  • Dinner at a chic restaurant (in the VIP section)
  • Home exercise equipment
  • Unique housewares: a vintage record player, original art (kitschy or indie), bar sets

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