Aries Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Aries is ruled by warrior planet Mars. Exercise helps you release the Aries fighting spirit.

What does Aries rule in the body?

Body parts

Head, face, brain


The suprarenals (adrenal gland), the eyes

Do Aries like working out?

Aries health and fitness style

Aries enjoys challenge, and your fitness routine should include it. Kickboxing or working directly with a trainer provides that needed dose of one-on-one attention! Pursue exercise that allows you to blow off the considerable steam your passionate nature builds up in a typical day. For Aries health, unhealthy eating or sluggishness is always linked to an emotional block. Be sure to have plenty of outlets for releasing your stress and anger.

Yoga is a particularly great practice for Aries, who can be overly enthusiastic or impatient. Hot yoga is great because as a fire sign, you naturally gravitate toward heat and intensity—not to mention a challenging new experience. On demand classes and home equipment also work well because you can be a private sign, and much of the challenge you crave is an inner ordeal.

Aries health habits

Food and eating habits

Aries is headstrong, but when it comes to the stomach, you may actually prefer bland food. Still, you tend to be fussy while insisting on variety, so learn how to cook or find a favorite spot that prepares your food exactly the way you like it.

You can be a stress eater with a sweet tooth, and you’ll nervously nibble on the same slice of cheesecake for a whole week. But because you don’t eat that much, you might as well splurge on a small, rich treat rather than something fat-free and unfulfilling. Since Aries like their fires stoked (Aries is a fire sign), try food in your signature red color, like barbecued chicken, marinara sauce or strawberries. And keep the hot sauce in your bag to give your snacks some digestive fire!

Keeping the glow

To continue shining brilliantly, try pursuing Eastern and holistic medicine, drinking raw juice, or practicing yoga. You don’t need much, just a high-intensity burst of exercise.

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