Aries New Moon Ritual Idea: Shout It Out Loud

The fiery, self-starting Aries new moon is an opportunity to roar your intentions.

Enter the zodiac new year with these Aries new moon ritual ideas.

Aries energy

Warrior sign Aries helps us operate on our instincts. No niceties here—Whatever you’re feeling will be raw, real and readily expressed during Aries season.

Anger, in fact, is a touchstone emotion for Aries. Yet for women especially, it’s still an emotion that we are taught to disown. It’s not polite, we don’t want to be “bitchy.” And, what if we hurt someone’s feelings? The fear of anger leads to the suppression of anger. But that energy has to go somewhere.

Stuffing it down can lead to overeating, lethargy, retail therapy binging and even literal disease. That’s not a fate this new moon wants for any of us! So in celebration of the potent energy of the first new moon, scream out that bottled up rage, frustration and resentment—and in the process, reconnect to your raw power. And given the ongoing slog of the pandemic, who doesn’t want to let out a good scream right now?

Aries new moon ritual idea: Primal Scream

Ideally, you will do your primal scream somewhere in nature or in a large room (like a yoga studio) where you won’t scare the daylights out of your neighbors. Another option is to park your car somewhere private and scream there (cover your ears). You can also scream into a pillow to muffle the sound. The point is to get this energy out of your body.

You may even want to bring smudging supplies like sage or palo santo to use before and after the release to clear away the energy and make the process more sacred.

The rest is pretty basic:

  • Stand with fists clenched and hold them shut for 10 seconds, inhaling and exhaling deeply.
  • Visualize a situation that is making you furious; you might even write out a list before doing this exercise so that you already have the vision in your head.
  • Inhale deep into your belly and SCREAM!
  • Repeat until you feel a release. We know this can be super awkward at first, so it could take a few tries before you get the real rage out of your system.

Do this alone or with a small, supportive group of friends. It can be so powerful to cheer each other on, even drumming or sitting in a protective circle around each other for your screams. And since a primal scream might even bring up tears, it’s great to have someone there to hold or hug after you let it out.

Other Aries new moon ritual ideas

  • Wear red, the Aries color, to invoke the sexy and flamboyant energy of the day.
  • Make a fire pit or bonfire with friends. Write angry letters and burn them in the flames.
  • Take yourself on a solo date. Sit at a table for one or at the bar at a restaurant and enjoy your own company. Bring a book or a journal, or just be.
  • Shamelessly self-promote: Post one of your latest wins on social media and let friends share in the victory.
  • Photo credit: Thais Varela via Stocksy


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