Aries Style Horoscope

You don’t follow trends, Aries, you set them! The Aries style is all original.

Do Aries have good style?

Aries like to be the first (and the only one) to debut a daring style. And you could care less if your sartorial experimentation brings a citation from the fashion police. You know they’ll be attempting the very same look in a season.

Since you express your creativity through your clothes, shopping can get expensive. The trick is to let your imagination run wild while keeping tabs on your wallet. Splurge on a few expensive staples like a great jacket, tall boots, and jeans, then, head for the vintage, consignment and designer discount stores to complete your ensembles.

How do Aries dress?

The best look for Aries style is class with a little sass! As the zodiac’s baby you may shop the Junior’s department into your golden years, or wear a pink tutu in your 30’s a la Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex and the City era. Make sure you mix youthful pieces with grown up styles to strike the right balance. Red is the Aries hue, so accessorize like your name was Scarlett O’Hara.

Aries rules the head, so a face-framing haircut, hats and striking earrings will help you stand out. Given the choice, you like being the center of attention, so why not let your Aries style go for wild curls, hair extensions or statement hats?

As the zodiac’s superstar diva, you’ll need your stage wardrobe too. When it’s time to dress up, you can pull out all the stops. Big hair, sequins, bright colors, wild costume-y styles and patterns—you are a runway designer’s dream come true. Some clothes only look good on the catwalk…and on you!

What should Aries wear?

Aries style profile

What colors should Aries wear?

Red, burgundy, rust

Aries body focus areas

Head, face, hair

Fabrics for Aries


Aries style best looks

Face-framing hairstyles, edgy cutouts and unconventional draping, mix-and-match styles, layered basics with a bright pop of glamor, colorful tights and skirts, statement bags and jewelry

Aries styles to avoid

Drab or muted colors, overly—conservative classics, anything that makes you fade into the background

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