Aries Travel Horoscope

Independent Aries on-the-go won’t be slowed down by anyone else’s itinerary. Your Aries travel style is full of wanderlust and thrill-seeking.

Do Aries like traveling?

Because Aries can be a little bit paranoid in new places (all those germs and strangers), your natural thirst for adventure may start later in life. Once you leave city limits and catch a case of wanderlust, though, you’ll be hooked. The stimulation of new sights, sounds and tastes appeals to your natural sense of adventure for Aries travel.

Travel for business is likely, but don’t just focus on that. Save up and treat yourself to a trip, even a solo itinerary. Avoid guided tours and journeys with strangers, because you’re easily annoyed when following another’s agenda. Freedom and relaxation should be key goals. You love to have everything on your own terms. Since you need a mental break from all that thinking, you may seek comfortable luxury over roughing it—or opt for a physical challenge that puts you in your body.

The perfect Aries travel destinations

A perfect vacation for Aries should include thrills (parasailing, jet-skiing, or even an inspiring convention) and chills (lounging by the pool with a great book while a cute server brings you exotic cocktails). Ideally, your sojourns should expand your sense of independence and inspire you.

All-girl trips are right up the Aries woman’s alley; you need time to indulge your feminine side. You may want to get your own room, though—having your own space is so important. You’re open to traveling alone, too, and why not? Pack your bags and head to Paris. Knowing you, you’ll have a few proposals before your trip is over. Aries guys love a men’s “warrior weekend,” where they can reconnect to their fierce spirits and channel it in a “non toxic” direction. 

All-genders getaways can be a great growth experience for Rams, however, as long as you adopt an open-minded perspective to the ways the other half lives. That said, Aries women can be die-hard tomboys while Aries dudes love to win VIP access to hang with the ladies. You may be the only one of your gender, or the proud nonbinary one in the crew.

Aries travel astrology tips

Regardless of where you land, novelty is a must for your journeys. Check out experimental theater, special exhibits and live performances. Rather than taking a standard group tour, check out Airbnb Experiences like a cooking class or DiY workshop. Since you prize originality, hire a private local guide to take you and your group to all the hidden spots. 

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