Virgo Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Virgo baby?

Virgo children are born during the four weeks of Virgo season, meaning they are typically born August 23-September 22. Conception dates for a Virgo baby are November 25-December 15.

What are Virgo kids like?

The Virgo child is particular: they know what they like and will definitely let you know what they DON’T like, especially when it comes to food. Since this sign rules the digestive system, your Virgo may need a special diet or be a bit of a finicky eater.

Creatures of habit, the Virgo baby does best with a set routine and schedule. No need to O.D. on the loud mobiles and pictures of bunnies and duckies on the wall. Virgos are neat freaks and will prefer simple surroundings without a lot of distractions. Play soft soothing music and decorate in whites.

Ruled by the communication planet Mercury, many Virgos read or speak early. Give them lots of books and puzzles to play with. While they may look innocent, they may develop a mischievous streak as they get bigger. Distract them with crafts and model kits. Working with their hands can absorb them for hours.


How do you entertain a Virgo child?

Playtime tips

  • Virgo is the sign of the helper and they love to feel useful by lending a hand. Create games out of their chores. If anyone could turn dishwashing into an imaginary activity, it’s this kid.
  • Mercury-ruled Virgos are chatty and need lots of friends to bounce ideas. Since they’re more verbal than most, they may want to hang out with the grownups or an older group of kids.
  • With a younger bunch, they may be bossy, critical, or even tattletales, which could cause friction with siblings and peers. Guide them gently in their early socializing so they develop a kinder, gentler approach with kids their own age.
  • Give them lots of hands-on activities like crafts or building blocks. With their active minds, they’ll also enjoy puzzles and books.

How do you parent a Virgo child?

Parenting tips

  • Don’t get on the soapbox about the Virgo child’s screen time. Virgos learn best from observing and can benefit from educational videos and computer games.
  • Cool it with the criticism, even the constructive type. Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist and these kids can be quite hard on themselves. Let them know it’s okay to make mistakes, so they don’t wind up hiding their troubles from you or developing self-destructive behaviors.
  • Find a preschool that takes early enrollment. Your Virgo child will have an active mind and may be ready to learn at an age younger than the average kid.
  • Spell out the rules in black and white. Virgos are clever and know how to confuse parents with long-winded stories or excuses. Writing out the ground rules on a piece of paper and posting them for all to see can put an end to young Virgo’s protests.

What can I expect from a Virgo child?

How they deal with

Rules and authority

Virgos can either be angels or hellraisers when it comes to respecting authority. When these kids feel safe with the people in power, they’ll do anything to please them, even turning into bossy little micromanagers. The Virgo child wants structure and clear, sensible rules so they know where they stand. This self-disciplining sign may need a few less rules—since they might be too tightly wound to let themselves just play.

Virgos can also elevate their parents or caretakers onto a pedestal that even the strongest adults can’t live up to. When they ultimately disappoint Virgo, these kids become disillusioned and even feel unsafe. If authority figures are inconsistent or fickle, Virgo may rebel, hoping to evoke strength from the person in charge. Teach Virgo that “to err is human”—for his own sake and for yours—and that nobody needs to be perfect. However, if you want to bring out the best in your little Virgo, keep the chaos to a minimum.


…are Virgo’s middle name. Kids of this perfectionistic sign are famous for putting limits on themselves, often way too many. You might hear your Virgo child scolding dolls, pets or younger siblings—acting out her inner dialogue (“No, no, no—we can’t touch that!” or “That’s against the rules!”). Too many limits can make Virgos paranoid or fearful, and they can be timid about new situations. Be sure to encourage your Virgo child to take some healthy risks. However, you must set clear limits for Virgo, or they will act out in a subconsciously desperate plea for you to set some.

Separation and independence

Virgo kids can be confident little leaders once they’re comfortable, but the tricky part is breaking down their walls. They can suffer from separation anxiety, and hate being left to fend for themselves with new people or situations. (This is probably not the best sign for the “cry it out” Ferber method, either.) Virgo kids don’t always trust their instincts, so they need your approval and encouragement before they venture out. They imagine that the world is a critical place waiting to expose their flaws, or a scary setting where they’ll be caught unprepared and out of control (big Virgo no-nos). With your gentle nudges and reassuring presence, you can help your Virgo child believe that they can fly.

Younger siblings

Caretaking Virgo kids might just put you out of a job! This sign loves to help and direct, so you’ve got a pint-sized parent figure who loves to assist you with feeding, diapering, baths and teaching. Just watch Virgo’s micromanaging tendencies, as these kids can get a little too controlling with their little sibs.

Older siblings

Virgo’s high standards extend to anyone older than them, so older siblings are viewed through the same critical microscope as parents, caregivers and other role models. Little Virgos will watch the older kids’ every move, either worshiping them or disapproving of their actions in an almost self-righteous way. Codependence alert: Virgos can also play the “hero child” role in a troubled family, so they might try to rescue an older sibling in trouble. Virgos can also get lost in the shuffle, quietly escaping into their own worlds, but missing out on the attention that a more outrageous sibling does.

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Virgo is a sensual earth sign, and this kid needs to be held. Affection and touch really matter to the Virgo kid. However, with this sign’s sensitive digestion, your Virgo may have been switched from breast to bottle (or even formula) early on.

When potty training Virgo, be careful not to push them, as it can become a performance-based issue that they’ll talk to their therapists about for years! (We kid…kinda.) Virgos are sensitive to criticism and will want to do everything perfectly. This could be your first of many chances to teach your Virgo child that it’s okay if something takes as many tries as they need…and not to quit just because they have an accident. (You might even want to avoid the words “accident” and “mistake” altogether.)


Virgo is the zodiac’s sign of the Virgin, but this curious kid is not as innocent as legend suggests. Virgo is also an earth sign, so these kids are very tuned into their bodies. They might ask a lot of questions or be the first to sneak a kiss with a little cutie on the playground. Physical and sensual, they can even be flirty when they’re young.

Curious Virgos know how to find facts and information and may even do so behind your back. Keep the library stocked with age-appropriate books about where babies come from. By the time you get around to the “birds and bees” conversation, you might be surprised to find out how much Virgo already knows (or has been misinformed about—yikes!). Best to be proactive and educate Virgo, letting them know it’s okay to ask questions.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Virgos are either the best students or the absolute worst. It can go either way, but you have to steer them from school day one. In the best situations, school can be a wonderful place where Virgos can learn, explore and flaunt their considerable intellects. This smarty-pants sign can be the zodiac’s chicest geek.

The downside? School is also a place where Virgos are judged. This sign is hypersensitive to grades, report cards and performance-based academics, especially if they start to fall behind or feel rushed to turn in hasty work. Perfectionist Virgo kids often mistakenly believe, “If I can’t do it to A-plus, gold-star standards, why bother doing it at all?” If your Virgo starts to slip academically, chances are, one mistake or bad experience has spiraled into a total system shutdown. The Virgo child needs you (and perhaps a few skilled technicians) to reboot their confidence.

Household conflict

Helpful Virgos hate conflict; yet, when it arises, they can’t help but get smack in the middle of it. These kids will attempt to mediate, fix and restore the control this orderly sign so craves. While some Virgos will shut everything out and disappear into a book, for example, these observant kids see and hear everything. And since Virgo is a sign that needs to be needed, they can take on the role of savior, “hero child” and helper, becoming the codependent go-between for feuding relatives.

Should a parent fall from grace or dysfunction befall their homes, Virgos may shoulder an unrealistic sense of responsibility for what’s happening, trying to save the day by being “good.” Or they’ll swing to the opposite extreme and act out an exaggerated version of the dysfunctional behavior. Handle these kids—and your issues—with extreme care, so as not to burden Virgo with adult problems.

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