The Taurus Child: Baby and Parenting Horoscopes

The Taurus baby is typically born between April 19-May 20

Conception Dates for a Taurus Child: July 25-August 15

No need to rock this baby to sleep. This is a kid who has turned napping into an art form. Taurus rules the five senses, so when they are hungry, tired, or ready to play, be prepared. Otherwise, they’re likely start screaming and shouting to get your attention. Generally, their disposition is sweet and leisurely. Ruled by lovely Venus, these dimpled tykes are born contenders for Cutest Baby competitions. They love getting dressed up: bring on the sailor suits and frilly dresses. Though they can be counted on to keep their clothes neat, the baby bull has a rough-and-tumble streak as well. With their tiny fists and feet, they love to punch, hit and kick. Give them soft or inflatable toys so no one winds up black-and-blue.



* Take them to the park. Taurus is an earth sign and these kids thrive in the outdoors. Sign them up for an outdoor sports team when they are old enough to play.

* Baby bulls are musicals, so set them up with toy instruments. They may especially love banging on drums or singing. Since Taurus rules the throat, you may discover that your little one has a one-of-a-kind voice. They’ll also love listening to music and being sung to.

* Taurus likes to roll around in style but if you’re too tired to push their stroller, they’ll enjoy playing in a kid-sized battery-operated car that they can drive around in.

* Family-oriented and possessive, Taurus may prefer playing with siblings above anyone else. If your bull is an only child, arrange for regular playtime with another child, so Taurus feels something close to the brother/sister kinship.

Parenting Tips:

* Teach them the rules about hitting others, and don’t laugh it off. Taurus babies love to punch and kick, but they need to know that their actions can do damage.

* Nip their lazy streak in the bud. This sign likes to feel useful, so start them doing chores around the house as early as possible. Feeling appreciated motivates them, so let them know how much of a difference their help makes for the family. Use the reward system sparingly or they may come to expect a shiny quarter every time they lift a finger.

* Taurus babies are the thumbsuckers of the zodiac: this is a baby that loves putting things in his/her mouth! Think twice before popping a pacifier in this baby’s mouth. While it may quiet little Taurus, it can also become a hard habit to break.

* Taurus can be stubborn, so keep the rules simple and straightforward. The broken record technique is a good tool for disciplining these kids. If they don’t listen, continue to repeat the same boundary or rule over and over again (without losing your cool) and your bull will bow to your wishes. Next up: Your Momscope—Find Your Sign’s Parenting Style >