Cancer Entertaining Style

Cancer entertaining goals: party in your shell with your closest friends.

Does Cancer like to party?

For you, a party often means gourmet popcorn, your closest friends and the latest Netflix series—in so many words, a night in. You love to entertain at your place, creating an intimate vibe.

The Cancer host

If you’re together for more than a couple hours, you’re sure to feed everyone treats fresh out of the oven or from your favorite takeout joint. You can be thrifty, so you’ll probably ask pals to bring a dish or drink for a potluck dinner.

Summertime barbecues are right up your alley. Interactive games, even a slumber party at a rented beach house also appeal to you. As the party wears on, you gradually open up so that by the end of the soiree, you’re finally in your element, toasting and hugging everyone, wishing it wasn’t over so soon.

You’ll go to any party, but you always roll with the same trusted crew of friends. Like a Crab, you like to be encased within the protective shell of your posse—otherwise you tend to be shy, insecure and slow to engage with strangers. Once you get comfortable, of course, you’ll gab their ears off—but first people have to earn your trust, which doesn’t happen overnight. When in the safe proximity of a close friend, you’re a graceful party guest who shows genuine interest in others and listens with compassion. As the caretaker sign, you love to support a friend who’s hosting her own fete, and you’ll help in the kitchen or hang people’s coats. Anything that gives you a role helps ease your shyness.


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