Cancer Season Water Element Meditation

Unlock your creativity and get in the flow with your imagination with this water element meditation for Cancer season.

Try this Cancer season water element meditation while the Sun chills in Cancer, one of the zodiac’s three water signs (along with Scorpio and Pisces.)

Cancer elemental power

Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive, water can be as mysterious as the ocean itself. This energy can be refreshing, or it can drown you in its depths. The magic of water can evoke intense dreams and borderline-psychic empathy.

Security is important during this time; after all, water needs a container, or it dries up and disappears. This Cancer season water element meditation can restore serenity and help you tap your intuitive gifts. One of our favorite mystics and musicians, Brooke Dabalos (who is also a twin!) composed this original track just for Astrostyle.

While you’re floating through this meditation, feelings. Have you been making too many sacrifices…or not speaking up when you know you should? As one of the zodiac’s nurturers, Cancer is a sign that craves meaningful connection. The four weeks of Cancer season provide an ideal window for introspection, self-care and fostering supportive relationships. With compassion magnified, your understanding can be deeply healing for those around you.

Cancer Season Water Element Meditation

Learn how to integrate your swirling feelings this Cancer season while dipping into the energy of the Water element. There are two meditations from which to choose, depending on how much time you have: one lasts for 10 minutes and one is 30 minutes. You may wish to use the 10-minute track to supercharge yourself throughout Cancer season and the 30-minute mix when you have a longer window to devote to your meditation practice.

Photo credit: Leah Flores via Stocksy


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Brooke Dabalos

Brooke Dabalos ( is a musician, songwriter, poet, artist, intuitive medium, author, and Bay Area native. After a move to Portland, Brooke dove into healing arts and meditation practices, exploring a childhood interest in spiritual wisdom. With the encouragement of mentors and family members, she began to share Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Past Life Regression, and spiritual workshops as in 2014. She self-published her first book of poetry and spiritual tools, Lightning Thoughts, in 2017, and opened The Lightning Center, a space for healing and community gatherings. She recently moved to New York City to work on her seventh album and second book, Something in the Sky: True Stories and Tools for Transformation.