Capricorn Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Capricorn health is about persistence. Your sign goes the distance. Just don’t forget to take a breather!

What does Capricorn rule in the body?

Body parts

Knees, teeth, skin, bones


Skeletal system

Does Capricorn like working out?

Capricorn health and fitness style

You have the persistence to go the distance. Cross–country running, hiking, mountain biking, marathons, competitive soccer or rugby appeal to you. As a hard worker (the paid kind), you’ll have to make extra effort to maintain your physical fitness. Think of it as a long-term professional investment that will help you produce better results by keeping you energized, focused, and happy. Because Capricorns like achievements, try competitive team sports. You rule the bones and knees, so beware getting yours out of alignment. Wear those pads and shinguards. And be sure to stretch!

Capricorn health habits

Food and eating habits

Capricorns do best on a schedule, so structure is essential. Eat meals at regular intervals and avoid snacking too much in between. Don’t start working without a balanced breakfast—you’ll need fuel for the long day ahead. Although you may have a few standby recipes in rotation, Capricorns are adventurous, eclectic eaters and your tastes can swing from traditional family recipes to fine dining. You love hearty food or anything that will keep fuel in your tank for a long time. As an earth sign, you’ll do well with organic or farm-fresh food. Stock up on locally-grown produce from the farmer’s market or join a neighborhood food co-op. You might even try vegetarian for a while.

Keeping the glow

Massages and bodywork are a regular must-have for Capricorns, since you hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. You worry like no other sign and can literally make yourself sick. Any illness you suffer is probably stress-induced, or a result of holding too much inside. Long walks, jogging or competitive sports (especially “leg sports,” like soccer or track) will help you release tension. Balancing work and rest is key. Capricorns can sleep for hours, so schedule an all-day snooze marathon at least once a month. Connecting to the Earth, your ruling element, grounds you. A long walk chills you out, or hop on a mountain bike and explore some rugged terrain. Stop and hug a tree or nap under a canopy of leaves. Be careful not to repress your feelings. Although you like to keep a game face on, have at least one friend on speed dial when you really need to vent.


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