Capricorn Travel Horoscope

The Capricorn travel style is seeking fresh air and verdant vistas. 

The perfect Capricorn travel destinations

Once you awaken your adventurous spirit, there’s no place on Earth you won’t go. As the zodiac’s goal-getter it’s great to organize your trips around one major itinerary event. Is there a Yayoi Kusama or Dior exhibit on tour in a city you’ve always wanted to visit? Maybe there’s a motivational speaker putting on a conference in a beach town. Pick your point of interest and then make a schedule of satellite adventures in the area. 

Does Capricorn like traveling?

While you’ll be tempted to bring your work with you on vacation, don’t do it! You may have a few irrational fears about taking off for a trip—maybe because you’re unsure you’ve earned the right—but leave those at home with your laptop. The only distraction you need is a stunning landscape or a good book to read poolside at a luxury resort. 

Worrying is a Capricorn trademark and you may even be afraid to fly by airplane, or to contract germs in a big city. Challenge those neuroses head-on and go for it. Once you awaken your adventurous spirit, you’ll be a travel addict!

As soon as you slip into lounge mode, you’ll wonder what took you so long. You make an awesome traveler once you get past your initial reservations. The earthier among you might slip on a backpack and a good pair of hiking boots, and hit the camping trails. You may even try an extreme outdoor sport like rock climbing or white–water rafting as part of the excursion. You’re sure-footed enough to handle rugged terrain. 

Capricorn travel astrology tips

For other Caps, that “terrain” might be the manicured streets of a large city or a five-star resort stocked with complimentary towels. Whatever you prefer, vacation provides you with the opportunity to practice the art of receiving for a change. Rather than giving and giving, it’s now your turn to abandon your selflessness and be taken care of—the way only a seasoned world traveler can!


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