Gemini Success: Career and Money Horoscopes

Gemini Career Horoscope

Hyperactive Geminis are impatient, impulsive and need constant stimulation. You thrive in a versatile and busy environment. A true Renaissance person, the Gemini career path is one that needs range. Bring on the multi-tasking! You simply aren’t meant to do just one thing. While other signs would feel overwhelmed by such a workload, you love to switch gears in a minute-by-minute basis…

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Gemini Money Horoscope

When it comes to money, Geminis can be impulsive and may need to curb their spending. Learn to avoid the first temptation by finding activities that you can either pay for in advance or don’t have a cover charge. One solution: put your Gemini money where your mouth is. Your gift of gab can make you a wealthy Twin! You can sell anything you believe in, no matter how wild the idea. As long as you’re excited about it, everyone else will be, too…

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