Taurus Season Crystals Horoscope

Spiritually savvy Gemini Chartreuse Tembo Barriere—who is the founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy —selects the most powerful stones for the solar season. She teaches us how to use crystals in meditation to stay aligned with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. 

Green Aventurine and Blue Kyanite are the two gemstones chosen for your Taurus season crystals horoscope. Working with these healing stones helps you stay grounded and find your voice.

What Your Taurus Season Crystals Represent

Green Aventurine: Promotes relaxation, regeneration and recovery; attracts monetary abundance

Blue Kyanite: Removes physical and energetic blockages; may aid throat, brain and muscular system disorders 

About Your Taurus Season Crystals

Gemstone: Green Aventurine

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Green Aventurine is an easily-accessible crystal for Taurus energy during Taurus season. The word aventurine comes from “a ventura” in Italian, meaning “randomly.”  Plates of mica are deposited “randomly” to give these stones their shimmery appearance. Aventurine can be found in shades of blue, red, peach, brown and white, but Green Aventurine is what I recommend for earthy Taurus.

Green Aventurine enhances relaxation, regeneration and recovery, fitting the Taurean desire to indulge in creature comforts. Taurus is symbolized with the Bull, and if you feel ready to charge this season, Green Aventurine can help us keep our cool. It can also encourage us to expand our minds and embrace an adventurous spirit. When feeling a little down, it can help us to reflect and move on, feeling more cheerful or with the ability to find humor in a stressful situation.

Green Aventurine’s Metaphysical Properties:

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and value, and it rules our second house of finance.

Green Aventurine is a potent crystal to use in money magic and rituals. As the green-gold, money-colored stone of good fortune, it’s been used for centuries to conjure financial stability (it’s sometimes called the “gambler’s stone”). Merchants often keep a piece of Green Aventurine in or near a cash register to increase sales. It is also beneficial to use in a money-drawing altar.

One caution: Try not to become overly concerned with material accumulation. Green Aventurine can stimulate creativity and increase perception, so when we work with it, we should be able to see our true value and values.

Gemstone: Kyanite

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Kyanite is a stone that doesn’t hold on to lower vibrational energies or require cleansing and neutralizing like other stones may. This is a great counter reflection for Taurus season, since the energy of the sign is that we can hold firmly to beliefs. The stones can be gray, black and green, but blue aligns well with Taurean earth energy.

Blue Kyanite can dispel physical and energetic blockages. It is believed to aid in throat, brain and muscular system disorders.

When we’re feeling “unchangeable” in the season of the Bull, working with Blue Kyanite’s can help us achieve feelings of tranquility and relaxation, particularly if used during meditation. It can also help us feel “unstuck” and restore balance if we overdo food, spending–a few traditional trappings of Taurus season.

Blue Kyanite’s Metaphysical Properties:

Taurus rules the neck, throat and voice. Kyanite aligns with the throat chakra. As a mystical stone, kyanite is the stone of attunement and higher insight. Kyanite can help us to see beyond the physical plane. Then we can clear our throat, so-to-speak, and find our voice.

Kyanite’s can help keep it real in the romance department. Instead of adorning your loved one with gifts, try words? Expressing your love with your newfound voice is powerful.

Try meditating with Blue Kyanite near your throat chakra to achieve these goals.

Meditating with Taurus Season Crystals

These meditations for your Taurus season crystals can help us stay grounded and dilute any stubborn tendencies. Since we may be prone to overindulgence now, meditation and yoga are powerful tools that can help us channel negative emotions into something more productive. To make meditation a daily habit, try spending five to ten minutes each morning focusing on breath and work with these Taurus-themed intentions and affirmations.

Green Aventurine Meditation and Ritual

Meditation intention: May I be inspired by universal abundance.


  • I am rooted in the earth.
  • I channel life force energy.
  • I explore my profound inner depths.
  • I embody love as an infinite resource.
  • I recognize my infinite, limitless nature.
  • I enjoy adventure and expanding my horizons.
  • I embrace my worthiness of abundance in all forms.

Ritual: Taurus Cinnamon Money Magnetism

The “Cinnamon Money Magnetism” ritual is a classic practice that may be used any time, but is most potent during a full moon or on a Thursday.

Materials needed: A dollar bill (or other paper currency), Green Aventurine, cinnamon and distilled or spring water

Submerge the Green Aventurine in some distilled or spring water for at least 12 hours prior to working this ritual. Placing it near a window for sun and moon vibes helps, too.

  • Cleanse your aura with sage, palo santo holy wood, or any type of abundance/money incense to prepare your sacred space. You can also take a spiritual bath with herbs.
  • You may say a prayer for abundance, but resist attaching to a particular dollar amount. If you can, focus instead on knowing all your material needs are met.
  • Dip your finger in the Green Aventurine water and spread it all over the face side of your paper currency to dampen it.
  • Dip your index finger in the water again, and then into the cinnamon.
  • Feel the abundance of the universe and know that all your needs can be met!
  • Starting at the top left corner of the paper currency, draw a line of cinnamon from top to the bottom, which is symbolic of drawing the energy of abundance toward you.
  • Repeat five times so there are five vertical lines of cinnamon across the paper currency.
  • Fold the paper currency so the cinnamon stays within, and tuck it a wallet and keep it there.
  • If using an altar, place the Green Aventurine on it for at least seven days.

Kyanite Meditation and Ritual

Meditation Intention: May I be balanced and whole.


  • I trust my intuition.
  • I am one with all that is.
  • I am worthy of optimum health.
  • I understand my place in the universe.
  • I am open to all levels of consciousness.
  • I responsibly use my freedom of speech.
  • I embrace my role as a planetary guardian. 

Meditation Technique

Taurus rules the throat, voice and neck, and kyanite energizes the throat chakra for clear communication. In a morning meditation, lie down with a piece of raw or tumbled Blue Kyanite and place the stone near your neck. Use any meditation or try the following:

  • Breathe and bring attention deep into yourself.
  • Take three deep breaths in and out; visualize the Blue Kyanite connecting you deep into the center of the earth.
  • Feel the energy of the Blue Kyanite stone forming a cloak of protection, starting at the throat and then enveloping your entire body.
  • Continue deep breathing; release fears, control and trust that your higher self has your best interest at heart.
  • Visualize true unconditional love flowing out from your body.
  • Focus on knowing that you have the ability to communicate your deepest desires while being flexible, without alienating or taking responsibility for others.
  • After at least ten minutes of deep breathing and peaceful visualization, bring your attention back to the room you are in and open your eyes.
  • Keep your Blue Kyanite on you, in a pocket, bag, or on a desk.
  • Remember that you are a divine vessel for universal love and acceptance!

As the day carries on, remember that you can empathize with others, see differing perspectives. Remember the presence of your spiritual self. Know that you can trust the universe as you cultivate inner security.

Crystals and Astrology “101”

Discover more about the way crystals form, how to cleanse and program your stones beyond these Taurus Season Crystals. Read meditation tips and find out how these natural wonders correspond with astrology. All this in our Crystals and Astrology 101 section!

Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.


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