Dating a Taurus

So you’re dating a Taurus or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

You’re dating a Taurus and you think they like you, but a nagging voice wonders if you’re reading into things. With this sign, that’s a good thing to ask yourself.

First moves: How Taurus woos you

This commitment-cautious sign definitely takes a “try before you buy” approach. Bulls are famous for acting committed when they’re actually just testing the waters.

Yes, this is role-playing at its finest

If you want to study for the part of dating a Taurus, binge-watch classic movies and black-and-white sitcoms from the 1950s. The modern Bull won’t box you into an Industrial Age role every day, but you’d better be down with tradition from time to time.

Before Taurus goes “all in,” they need to see if you have what it takes to be part of their idealistic vision of love. They want to ensure that you’ll keep romance alive—all while creating a comfortable home and creating a family (which can look a lot of ways…it just has to be part of the game). For Taurus, sharing day-to-day life is the essence of romance, as long as it’s done artfully.  

While a Taurus wines and dines you…

They’re also observing how you fit into their world, how you carry yourself, and whether you’ll embarrass them in public. Taurus is a status-conscious sign. They hold the old-fashioned view that as their partner, your public demeanor reflects on them. No matter how much they like you, they need to know that you’ll make them look good in any situation. If you like them and want to date a Taurus, put your best foot forward!

Signs a Taurus likes you

Signs Taurus is checking you out as a prospect

  • They pursue you relentlessly, immune to your resistance. Who cares if you were just together 15 minutes ago? They have something new to tell you and that’s why they’re calling!
  • They invite you to an elegant restaurant to show off their impeccable taste. Forget the glass, Taurus will order the perfect bottle.
  • They take you to a cultural event like an art opening or wine tasting at a friend’s vineyard
  • They share their favorite music or book with you, even presenting you with a hardcover copy
  • They bringing you a meaningful gift for your home like a potted plant or artisanal olive oil they picked up at the farmer’s market (Taurus is an earth sign)
  • They tell you straight-up that they want you—when a Bull is ready to charge, they don’t mince words
  • They get physical, pressing their body against yours, offering a massage or pulling you into them for a strong hug
  • They become the happy helper, showering you with practical advice and support that makes your everyday life easier

Flirting with a Taurus

Taurus is flirty by nature. This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance. They love to admire you, and it’s not hard to engage them in a little playful banter. Leveraging a flirtatious interaction into a dating a Taurus takes a few key moves, though.

How do you seduce a Taurus and get them to ask you out?

Remind them of a glamorous film star

As down-to-earth as they like it, Taurus needs a partner to be sophisticated too. Don’t go overboard on coy or cutesy behavior or they’ll see you as a sibling, not a potential date. To catch Taurus’s eye, borrow the old-world glamor of film stars like Eartha Kitt or Audrey Hepburn (a Taurus). Skip the denim and wear a sexy, business-casual outfit. Move gracefully and articulate your words. They adore that long-forgotten art of classic beauty. Work it like a self-possessed, silver-screen A-lister, if you’re wanting to date a Taurus.

Offer a bite of your dinner or a sip of your drink

Bulls love to eat, so food is a tried-and-true seduction. Order a bottle of wine and pour them a glass. They’ll be yours until the cork dries up.

Touch them lightly

Sensual Taurus responds to touch, so graze their arm or elbow when you talk. It will convey intimacy without too much forwardness and makes them feel connected to you. Don’t grab them, slap their back, or make crude gestures. Save that for a bawdy Aries or Aquarius.

Ask their advice

Nothing flatters a Taurus more than being asked their opinion. This ethical sign loves to nurture and protect, and they welcome any opportunity to provide that. Ask them to recommend a wine or listen raptly as they share their theories on art, politics and family. Tell them about a crossroads in your life (if it’s not too dramatic), and you won’t have to make small talk for another second.

Go shopping if you’re dating a Taurus

This is particularly useful if you want to transform a Taurus from a friend into a lover. Head to a high-end store and let them help you pick out a fragrance or an outfit. They’ll feel like you’re in a relationship already.

Make them feel comfortable

A simple smile may be all it takes to win this sign’s attention. A Taurus wants to be around a person who won’t judge them. Your smile is the green light that says, “It’s safe here.”

Dating a Taurus: Quality not quantity

Low-rent players, step to the left. Taurus is the sign that appreciates life’s finer things and sophisticated dates are the way to their heart. Bottom line: it’s all about quality for them. Taurus requires a companion who can navigate a wine cellar, cigar bar and upscale brasserie. You might be a meat and potatoes person, but they need a dry-aged Porterhouse, not a brewpub burger.

See and be seen

Classic romantics, they love to dress up and be seen among The Beautiful People. Rushing through a date is something their sign hates. They’d rather linger for hours in an elegant restaurant discussing art, politics, business, music, any subject about which they feel passionate (and highly opinionated). A comfortable setting is a must. Even if they’re more into dive bars than wine bars, they’ll still want to kick back on a stool and pontificate.

Not that a little action should be ruled out

They’ll do anything that makes them look good. If they’re a dancer, meet at a posh tango club. Don’t worry if you don’t know the steps. Taurus is an excellent instructor and will be happy to teach you some moves. They love music, and scoring tickets to a hard-to-get-into show is a dream date come true. A walk through an art gallery will surely stimulate conversations if you’re dating a Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign, so an outdoor date is fine as long as it doesn’t require anyone to get too dirty. A gourmet picnic or architectural tour of homes will do the trick. They love sensuality and affection. Strolling hand-in-hand through a food fair or a gentle hiking trail can be pure bliss.

What to do on a date with a Taurus

  • Dress up and head to an elegant restaurant where they can show they off their date while spouting their opinions in an audible tone
  • Score tickets to an in-demand show (make sure they get the best seats!)
  • If they’re a good dancer, teach their date some moves
  • Plan an elegant picnic with gourmet foods and a nice blanket
  • Stroll through a park
  • Go to brunch at a chic restaurant
  • Meander through an art gallery, then discuss the exhibits over dessert and lattes
  • Ride motorcycles through the countryside

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