Gemini Entertaining Style

Wild and wacky, Gemini entertaining means parties are unforgettable fetes that could become epic.

Does Gemini like to party?

Lighthearted, spontaneous fun is what you’re all about. You’ll throw together a party at the last second, with wine and grillables, plus some fun kitsch like a fondue machine or paper lanterns. For more formally planned events, rent a photo booth or have it catered by a food truck. Geminis love music, so you’ll curate a playlist or hire a DJ to make sure everyone’s dancing and socializing.

The Gemini host

As the sign of the Twins, you do great teaming up with a co–host. Preferably, this should be someone who likes to plan, since that’s your shortfall. A Virgo, Cancer or Taurus is the perfect reliable workhorse. You’re overwhelmed by too many details, and quickly lose patience. Rather than be scattered and unfocused, ask a practical pal to make sure you have enough cups for the punch—or that you even have punch in the first place. Your plan can get overly complex. You’ll need reinforcement to help pull it off. Then you can be free to enjoy what you do best: Socializing!

Theme parties are great, especially high-energy ones: karaoke, rollerskating, a skydiving group or a live band. You’ll happily play interactive video games or host a dance-off with anyone willing to join in. Wild, accelerated and a little out of control is your speed. Everyone else needs to keep pace.

Gemini rules the hands, so have lots of finger food available. You’ll also need something you can grab to sustain yourself as you whirl between guests, sharing light banter one minute and delving into a controversial political debate the next.


The AstroTwins

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