Gemini Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Gemini health requires variety. This sign can become restless. So forget about anything too routine.

What does Gemini rule in the body?

Body parts

Arms, shoulders, hands


Thymus, respiratory and nervous systems

Does Gemini like working out?

Gemini health and fitness style

Gemini health means always being in motion. Determined to be in two places at once, you have energy to burn and a short attention span. You need variety, versatility and excitement. Geminis have powerful arms and great hand-eye coordination, so try tennis, swimming, rowing or a sport that requires mental prowess and rapid movement. Aim for exercise that fires up your mind and body simultaneously. Short workouts with quick results are best for you.

As with everything in your life, think in paradoxes. If you work hard, you should also play hard. If you exercise vigorously, plan for extra sleep. A triathlon is a great challenge if you’re up for it, because it allows your short attention span to switch between running, biking and swimming. If not, try cross-training, and circuit workouts that let you move between machines before you have a chance to get bored. Geminis enjoy classes, so cardio dances or partner sports captivate your interest. Twin at the gym by pinging a pal or your S.O. for buddy workouts.

Gemini health habits

Food and eating habits

Impulsive, on-the-go eaters, Geminis are always looking for a fast snack fix. You like variety and experimentation, and enjoy adventurous food—but nothing with a long preparation time—so takeout meals are perfect or a meal delivery service. Just make sure you choose healthy options.

It’s incredibly easy for your sign to binge on empty calories just because you’re eating whatever’s within reach. Discipline yourself enough to make smart, nutritious food choices for optimal Gemini health. Color on your plate is also important, as are surprise and contrast, like rare spices or unusual ingredients thrown into your go-to meal.

Keeping that glow

Geminis love to research and you’re probably up on the latest health crazes. You’re often the first to try a wellness pro’s recommendations, no matter how recherché. If it keeps your youthful sign feeling energized and glowing, you’re all in. Support yourself in an online fitness community, or blog your own workout diary.

You’re the sign of the teacher, so you might even train to be an instructor. It will obligate you to stay in shape! Social Geminis love to gab, so power-walk with a pal (or even your cell phone), and knock out some of your zillion errands along the way. Once you get yakking, you’ll have hiked Mount Kilimanjaro before you realize it.


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