9 Gemini New Moon Rituals That Make You Magnetic

A lighter flash of spring fever arrives with the June 6 Gemini new moon. Attention shifts away from yourself, helping you notice how interesting and amazing others can be, especially if you try these Gemini new moon rituals.


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Gemini New Moon Rituals 

1. Be the connector

Affable, outgoing Gemini understands the power of networking. Pay it forward and play matchmaker for this Gemini new moon ritual: Link awesome people you know and let them take it from there. Write a glowing review. Shout out people on Instagram. If you’re not naturally a connector, cozy up to one this week and observe a master in action.

2. Stop the gossip

Is there anywhere you’re being “two-faced” in your life? That includes the things you conveniently don’t say that create a wedge in relationships. Stop spilling tea and invite people to sit down for a strong cup of direct conversation.

Remember: telling it like it is doesn’t mean tearing people down. For example, “I’ve been missing you a lot,” is likely to earn a more favorable response than, “I never hear from you.”

3. Find your second city”

As the zodiac’s sign of the Twins, Gemini loves everything in pairs. Given that commuting and short trips also fall under Gemini’s domain, let this lunar lift launch you to a second city that speaks to your soul.

You don’t have to leave now, just browse, for this Gemini new moon ritual. Spin the globe and find a city that piques your interest. You can start learning the language, customs and cultural sensitivities so you’ll be ready for your future voyage. If your passport is current, why not book the tickets? 

4. Support local

This is a perfect way to honor the community-minded Gemini new moon. Extend the trend to your palate and give the locavore food movement a try. Food grown by your local farmers is more likely to be fresh and healthier. Maybe hit a new-to-you farmers market or sign up for a CSA.

5. Get down

Put on your favorite playlist and unleash. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Beyoncé-level backup dancer-level or terrified of TikTok–have fun!

Since it takes two to tango, invite someone to groove with you. Partner dancing requires a powerful level of unspoken communication. Who will lead? Who will follow? Dancing can reveal areas of your relationship that need TLC. Although a few frustrating spinouts may happen, stick with it and you’ll get in step with each other like never before. Try our Playlist for Gemini season to inspire you!

6. Find your zone of genius”

We’re fans of Gay Hendricks’ book The Big Leap, which talks about finding your zone of genius—that thing you do effortlessly and magically. Gemini rules books and ideas, so treat yourself to this awesome read as your Gemini new moon ritual. If you already KNOW your zone of genius, commit to doing one thing that expresses it.

7. Install updates

Gemini rules gadgets and new media—all forms of communication devices. What upgrades are you due to make? Maybe a new phone? Is your printer so ancient it’s practically fossilizing with each page it ekes out? When getting rid of old tech, look for upcycling programs and turn-in options. Circularity is the name of the game.

8. Speaking of tech, are you due for a time-out?

If you’re addicted to checking your devices (and who isn’t), we challenge you for this Gemini new moon ritual to try a two-week technology diet. Take one hour a day, minimum, to be gadget-free and connect with humans (and try to establish a no device rule!). Every moment of life doesn’t have to be archived or shared.

Think we’re exaggerating? This Fortune article quotes a survey that found Americans pick up their phones 144 times a day! 

9. Mirror greatness

At the Gemini new moon, you can be the mirror for people’s greatness. In every conversation, offer at least one genuine compliment. “I really love how you make me laugh,” to a friend. Or with your coworkers, “I thought it was really brave of you to address that issue in the staff meeting today” or “I admire you for being so open about your feelings” or “You have such great energy.”

You can do this on social media too: retweet a great post or add a glowing comment to a post. Don’t flatter people with false charm though! Authenticity is essential to this exercise. You might have to dig a little to find something to admire about some folks (or just move on!).

What this Gemini new moon ritual isn’t! This isn’t about agreeing with everyone; in fact, this is where the Gemini moon comes in handy. This zodiac sign often gets a bad rap for being two-faced, but we can reframe that in a positive light: This dualistic energy has the ability to see both sides of the coin. When properly balanced, Gemini can be one of the most fair-minded and objective energies to work with. Perhaps you could simply give them props for their tenacity, passion or conviction, even if you are diametrically opposed on an issue.

Once you get into the spirit of complimenting people, you’ll see how good it feels. As they light up from your words, beautiful energy is beamed back to you, and you raise your vibrations simultaneously. Zing!

Other, Simple Gemini New Moon Rituals To Try

  • Gemini rules the hands, so treat yours to a massage or manicure
  • Host a family game or craft night (this sign is all about the DIY magic)
  • Spring clean your inbox and voicemail—you might discover an important message that you missed!
  • Invite a new friend to coffee or dinner; this new moon could reveal a BFF grade kindred spirit

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