Gemini Style Horoscope

The zodiac’s trendiest sign, Gemini style looks fresh off the walkway—and accessorized to the nines with unique treasures you’ve sourced everywhere from global bazaars to estate sales.

How do Gemini dress?

A social butterfly to the core, outfits must be versatile enough to morph from day to night. Layers are the key to going from “boardroom appropriate” to “bar-opening sexy” with a change of shoes and jacket. With so many people to mingle with along the way, t’s not like you’re going to make it home to change in between events!

Do Geminis have good style?

Fashion, to a Gemini, can be like an endless costume party. With your stylistic range, it’s anyone’s guess which character you’ll play each day: high-rolling ex or brooding goth? You might even blend paradoxical looks into a totally unique hybrid. In fact, you should never go head-to-toe with just one look.

You’re an impulse shopper, but you also bore easily. To avoid blowing your budget on constant wardrobe overhauls, invest in a few high-end staples in smoldering black or a favorite neutral. Then dress those up with printed tops, patterned ties and scarves and bright accessories.

Gemini rules the arms and hands. Accent yours with stacks of bracelets and rings, gloves and cuffs. A Gemini should always remember that you have the “right to bare arms.” Show off yours in a simple tank top, strapless (or spaghetti strap) dresses, and chic halters.

What should Gemini wear?

Gemini style profile

What colors should Gemini wear?

Orange, lime green, magenta, black

Gemini body focus areas

Arms, hands

Fabrics for Gemini

Washable silk

Gemini style best looks

Bracelets, cufflinks, rings, stacked jewelry, clothes with a Bohemian or punk rock edge, patterned tops and dresses, black leather jacket over basically anything

Gemini styles to avoid

Preppy neutrals, anything lacking personality

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