Gemini Travel Horoscope

Whether it’s a vacation or a staycation, the Gemini travel style is turning any day into an adventure.

Does Gemini like traveling?

Novelty-loving Geminis live to travel, and can turn even the most mundane moment into a full-on adventure. A trip involving activity, socializing and spontaneity turns you on. You want to connect to people, even if you never see them again, and live it up while you’re there. It’s not uncommon to find you holding up a line full of people while you mine the boutique cashier for info on the hidden jewels of the area. 

The perfect Gemini travel destinations

A true intrepid explorer, you don’t care where you go, though you love cities, resorts, even organized tours and road trips. You’ll keep a full itinerary parasailing, jet skiing or flirting with the hotel staff—the idea is to take in as much local color as you can. That includes local bands and nightlife! Hire a private guide for a few hours and you could find yourself salsa dancing in a tucked-away club or having a picnic on a mountaintop with breathtaking views. 

Since you need people to talk to, you enjoy traveling with friends or siblings, and you get inspired with all kinds of ideas when you glimpse the greater world. Although you may not show your “wild side” back home, it comes out to play when you travel. Exotic islands or other paradise getaways provide the perfect stage for your outrageous, exhibitionist side.

Gemini travel astrology tips

Geminis rule local travel and short trips. Weekend getaways were designed with you in mind and you’ll often find many “vacation spots” in your local vicinity—the roller rink, the bungee-jumping grounds, paintball, experience rooms. For you, every day is a vacation, and the people in your life love your ability to soak it all in.


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