Gemini Home Decor Horoscope

Eclectic Gemini home decor style can rock decor from any era. Mix it up like a funky collage.

How to decorate your home if you’re a Gemini

Gemini style is varied—playful meets traditional, an eclectic mix of old-fashioned and modern, even a crazy mix of clashing patterns that you manage to pull off. Creativity, color and fun should all be part of your home. You can rock out unusual combinations like orange and lavender, or hot pink and chartreuse. Of course, today’s favorite shade can become tomorrow’s most hated hue, but that won’t stop you from slapping a coat or two on the wall when inspiration strikes.

Gemini home decor astrology tips

Because your sign is ever-changing, you have a hard time sticking with one look for long. To accommodate your frequent urge to redecorate, think short-term when it comes to your scheme. Take a deep breath before you start a huge renovation too. Impulsive Geminis often get pulled into new projects before finishing the ten you started. Make sure you can commit the proper time to construction, or you could end up with half-done walls or other messes.

In many cases, your environment may actually be too stimulating. If you find yourself pulled in too many directions (even for a Gemini), consider toning down your decor. That doesn’t have to mean boring. Just try a Zenlike scheme with a few wilder accents. Nothing grabs a Gemini’s attention more than your computer, but if you find yourself on social media until 1 AM when you’d rather relax, put your devices in a separate room before bedtime.

Geminis are forever on the go, so a convenient location may trump square footage when it comes to choosing your address. Depending on how often you’ve touched down at base, your home will either look like a style blogger’s dream or as if a tornado blew through! You may have to carve out a dedicated time each week for straightening up—or start saving for a professional organizer and housekeeping service. Stay as tidy as possible so that you can actually enjoy the home you’ve created. You can always gab on the phone while you cook or scrub.

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