Leo Home Decor Horoscope

As zodiac royalty, Leo home decor means making your home your castle and the hub of your social network.

How do decorate your home if you’re a Leo

The Leo lair is a creative studio, pleasure palace and entertainment center rolled into one. That’s a tall order for a single home to fill, but you’ll make it work! Decorate in “zones,” giving every room its own purposeful scheme. Ruled by the Sun, Leos love plenty of natural light. You’ll fill your place with potted plants and fresh herbs. With your larger than life personality, you’re drawn to oversized pieces, like large, carved armoires, sectional sofas and banquet-length tables for the many family meals you’ll host. (On fine China and serve-ware handed down from generations, ideally.)

Leo home decor astrology tips

A typical Leo’s house is awash in rich and bold colors like deep red, brilliant turquoise and plum. It’s cozy and homey while remaining regal and stately. You love fine art on display, such as large-scale paintings and ceremonial masks. Create an inviting den or sitting area—especially if it has a working fireplace and lots of room to spread out for watching movies and hosting game nights. As jungle royalty, bright floral and animal prints will usually make their way into your space. Mix leopard-print pillows with silk, a velvet duvet and other deeply sensual touches. As a fire sign, a big kitchen is also essential. You adore baking and love to express your natural creativity with food.

Your major concern is to make everyone happy—and you like gathering friends together under your own roof, especially for holidays and special occasions. Unlike other signs, Leos make time for entertaining, no matter how busy you are. You might even go overboard with ice sculptures, themed decorations, and live entertainment (which could include a performance by you!). But what’s most important is knowing your guests are having the time of their lives. Same goes for your family, a Leo’s pride and joy. You’ll display photos dating back generations all over your house. Beware of clutter, though, and try a moderate mix of memorabilia with art.


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