Scorpio Home Decor Horoscope

Only the chosen few may enter Scorpio’s sensual sanctuary. A private sign, Scorpio home decor can give homebody vibes. Scorpio likes to lock the doors, pull down the blinds and chill at home. Unlike other signs, you don’t mind being alone; in fact, you savor it. Your house is a soothing pod, a retreat from the outside world where you often feel vulnerable and out of control.

How to decorate your home if you’re a Scorpio

You love to read, write in your journal or experiment in the kitchen. Scorpios need a sanctuary where you can unwind mentally and physically. Your decor should communicate power. You may do this with precise lines, meticulous attention to detail, or intense colors that scream creativity. You easily get obsessed with the accents. Every doorknob, drawer pull and throw pillow matters. We have a Scorpio friend who decorated an entire room in white, using twenty different textures and hues. As a water sign, you’re highly intuitive, and you’ll know exactly where to place furniture or artwork. You’re very tuned into your body as well, so invest in a supportive mattress, natural fibers or a sofa with good back support.

For a Scorpio, sensuality is key. Seek high-quality furniture, a perfect paint job and simple but striking textures are everything. You’ll scour for that perfect, one-of-a-kind treasure—and haggle until you get a great price. Although you may choose neutral or muted hues, vivid colors are life-affirming for Scorpio. Red emanates vitality, confidence, vigor and erotic passion, and can create a needed feeling of intimacy. If possible, incorporate it into your home, even if it’s only an accent color.

Scorpio home decor astrology tips

A deeply sensitive, mysterious sign, you crave privacy. Your best bet is to create intimate areas as well as communal ones. Play up the little nooks and hidden spots that give your house character. A small window seat can be the perfect conversation or reading alcove. If your home lacks architectural character, conjure sensuality with candles, uplights that form dramatic shadows, and fabrics like silk throw pillows or velvet curtains. Your bedroom should be a gorgeous haven for rest and healing. Keep furnishing minimal to calm your turbulent mind, and create drama with a silk comforter or sheer curtains around the bed.

Many Scorpios tend to live near water, which helps soothe your intense moods. If you don’t, bring its “flowy” feel into your home with an aquarium or a fountain. Since you’re prone to melancholy and tend to isolate yourself, keep signs of life throughout your home. Bowls of fresh fruit, lots of plants and even pets do wonders for your perspective. Scorpio is the sign associated with death and regeneration. You may decorate with spiritual symbols or anything representing the soul’s power to triumph over everyday obstacles.


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