Taurus Home Decor Horoscope

The perfect Taurus home decor style is: elegant chill space. Oversized bed a must.

Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, which gives you a natural talent for decorating.

How to decorate your home if you’re a Taurus

You’re deeply sensitive to your home environment and need to live in a comfortable, well-appointed space. Every detail counts, from the marble countertops to the drawer pulls. You’ll invest in the best of everything that your budget will allow. With your fondness for the arts, your home may feel like a gallery for all the pieces you collect, source, or even receive as gifts for helping out your talented friends.

You’re elegant without being too stuffy, although your tastes naturally have a formal or “bourgeois” flavor to them. Persian rugs, large-scale oil paintings, deep leather sofas and artfully-framed photographs suit your liking. It’s all about relaxing in elegance.

Taurus home decor astrology tips

To Taurus, comfort is as important as style. For you, home is synonymous with lounging. Because you definitely need lots of rest, your bed is one of the most important fixtures in your pad. We’re talking silky, high thread-count sheets, down pillows and lots of room to spread out—all crucial for indulging your ability to sleep soundly for thirteen hours straight. Whether your tastes trend modern—or full-on gothic—your bedframe may be a work of art unto itself. Surround your sleeping area with shelves to house books, candles, crystals, remote controls, toys and other trinkets you like to have in easy reach. You might even put a mini fridge in your bedroom for snacks and drinks.

You make a great cook once you learn your way around the kitchen, but you make an even better host. Chateau Toro is a natural fit for holiday celebrations and family dinners. When people come to visit, your well-stocked cupboard, home theater, impressive cache of fine wines and comfy furniture, along with your gentle charm, will make them feel like staying for hours—if not for days. That’s just how you like it. Your home is a showcase for your fine taste, and you love to entertain your guests in style.

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