Virgo Home Decor Horoscope

Earthy Virgo home decor is typically a clean and subdued environment with pops of color.

How to decorate your home if you’re a Virgo

As the zodiac’s perfectionist, your home decor is an eternal work in progress. Never satisfied, you’ll tweak, rearrange and clean the house forever. An avid curator, your home is often a showroom for the treasures from your travels (and your late night online shopping sprees) as well as “encouragement” assets like crystals, workbooks and divination decks that you like to keep on hand. In his Paris apartment, Virgo Karl Lagerfeld built a library with two stories of shelves to house his vast collection of books! Although the clutter can built up, your house is never dirty. Cleanliness is next to godliness for Virgo—and when it’s time to downsize, you are merciless!

In the rare moments you’re not scrubbing, redecorating, or designing a complex new organizational system, you may be in the kitchen. You love trying out recipes, collecting hardcover cookbooks and a filling your refrigerator with healthy and gourmet fare. Since you love nurturing people, preparing meals the perfect way to express how much you care.

Virgo home decor astrology tips

Your furniture should be comfortable and eye-catching. You may love ornate pieces like an antique bed or a Mid Century cabinet. As an earth sign, plants and fresh flowers will always find their way into your home. Accessorize with pops of color—like throw pillows and vases in plum or burnt orange. Paint an eye-catching accent wall in every room or choose an unusual hue for your trim color.

In the end, only your closest friends and family usually make it through the door. If you’re always promising to have them over “when the house is done,” that day probably won’t come. Our advice? Set up a “parlor room” where you can host people and close the other doors when guests come over.

Good company soothes your soul and keeps you from getting lost in your worries. If you have a big kitchen, a nice table should be the heart of the room. There, you can share long conversations or curl up with a great book and a cup of tea. Invest in plush towels and hand-milled soaps for your bathroom. That way, you can continue your endless decorating adventures and satisfy your inner host!


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