Leo Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Leo health needs a place to express itself (maybe theatrically!) with a passionate workout.

What does Leo rule in the body?

Body parts

Heart, spine, lower back


Heart and major arteries

Does Leo like working out?

Leo health and fitness style

Leos have excess energy to burn, but you bore easily. Your exercise routines need to be fun with lots of variety, passion and expression. And if you can learn some moves that make you the center of attention, all the better. You’d make a great star of a dance troupe or a motivating spin class instructor.

You love to talk, so grab a friend and gab on the treadmill or power-walk through the neighborhood. Try salsa or African dance workouts, especially if they’re held in mirrored studios. You love your reflection, and even more so when you can glimpse yourself in motion!

Aries health habits

Food and eating habits

Creative Leos can be masters in the kitchen, and your generous sign takes pride in nourishing everyone around you. Sometimes you’re too busy to eat a balanced meal. But when you make time, food preparation becomes an outlet for your flair and finesse. Have fun with presentation, plating attention-getting dishes, romantic meals and elegant table settings.

When you run the kitchen or play hostess, every detail counts, and eating is an exciting event. Your appearance is important, so indulge in healthy choices that nourish you and keep you energized for the fight. With your creativity, you know how to make healthy meals taste delicious and flavorful.

Keeping the glow

Regular exercise is vital for Leo health. You’re an energy machine who feels everything passionately. If you don’t keep moving, emotion gets stored as anger and tension, fueling your fire sign temper.

Your sign rules the back and heart to be sure to stretch and treat your ticker to regular rounds of cardiovascular exercise. Although you’re always on the go and focused on your career, make sure you have a concentrated block of time dedicated to physical activity at least four times a week. Since your mane of hair is important to you, relax with regular trips to the beauty salon or a soothing scalp massage.


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