Leo Travel Horoscope

Leo travel style is prowling the globe like a lion in the Serengeti.

Does Leo like to travel?

Playtime is a must for Leos and you’re always up for a new experience. For you, travel is about indulgence and feeling alive. You’ll fearlessly traipse across the globe with the same determination you put into everything. As the Alpha of the jungle, you may zipline through the rainforests or go on an African safari. Spiritual sojourns to visit vortexes or wander ancient temples thrill you, too.

Ruled by the Sun, you’ll go anywhere hot—and you raise the temperatures even higher once you get there! Pack a camera and plenty of glamorous outfits, since your romantic sign might just fall in love with one (or more) of the locals. You might be guilty of being that traveler wearing big hats, bright sarongs and movie-star sunglasses. That doesn’t mean you’re a typical tourist; you just live life with the volume cranked all the way up—and you don’t want to miss a photo opp!

The perfect Leo travel destinations

Social Leos come to life on group excursions: Weeklong festivals, cruise ships with lavish buffets, guided tours with the family, wilderness campouts and renting villas with friends. If you’re a theater buff, travel to London or New York City to catch an opening. If you want to go international, you might rent a riad with a fountain or a chalet with its own jacuzzi.

Leo travel astrology tips

With your take-charge nature, you’ll happily play travel agent, leading the entire troupe by organizing tickets, researching airfares and deciding on what fun will be had. After all, a Leo needs a big stage and the audience to accompany it! But you’re devoted to fun and your adventure includes everyone. Your fellow travelers should expect an action-packed itinerary, since you live by the ethos “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

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