Libra Entertaining Style

When it’s party time, you’re in your element. Float like a butterfly is the Libra entertaining motto.

Does Libra like to party?

You live for all things social, and you’re in your element on the town, or holding court at a party. Your gatherings have a vision and you know just what you want for food, decor and particularly the guest list. Although you put together a great bash, you tend to be scattered in far too many directions to carry out a full-on affair.

As the sign of partnership, you’re best off finding a co-host—a patient friend who’s a good planner (think Virgo, Cancer or Taurus) to help execute your grand vision. Remember, if you’re not willing to put in some elbow grease, you can’t demand that everything goes your way. Tap into your inner diplomat and compromise. You’re a democratic diva at heart.

The Libra host

Before the party starts, you could be anxious about pleasing everyone, whether they’ll have fun or if they’ll even show up. Once the party’s in motion, though, you’re the ultimate host. Dressed to the nines, floating around like a butterfly, you’ll make it all look so easy. Your outfit will be a real get-up, either a high-fashion ensemble with matching shoes (Libras like symmetry) or an actual costume.

Much as you love your “stuff,” you could care less who spills punch on your Persian rug as long as the party is the decade’s most memorable. Of course, if they spill punch on your couture pantsuit, they may never darken your doorstep again—unless they pick up the dry-cleaning tab.

Have your phone or DSLR handy to snap pictures. You love photography and will later frame photos for display, or put them in a beautiful album. With your classically symmetrical features, you’re quite photogenic yourself. Chances are you’ll be in most of the pictures, posing with your friends. Your favorite thing is to mingle with others, enjoying great conversation and leaving everyone delighted.


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