The 7 Major Asteroids in Astrology, Explained

The asteroid belt is a packed place, but astrologers have adopted a few as our own. The major asteroids in astrology are Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Chiron, Eros and Lilith.

Since Venus and the moon are the only planets representing the feminine force in the chart, we’ve turned to the asteroid belt to fill in the blanks.

Many of the major asteroids in astrology are named after Jupiter’s female family members: his daughter Pallas Athena, his sister Ceres, his wife Juno.

Some of the major asteroids are even considered minor planets and dwarf planets, meaning that they orbit around our Sun even though they don’t have enough mass to earn full-on planet status. But their placement in our astrological charts certainly packs a punch!

What are the major asteroids in astrology and what do they mean?


Ceres reveals mothering tendencies

How do you nourish yourself and nurture others? Ceres is a dwarf planet — and the largest object in our asteroid belt — that orbits between Jupiter and Mars. Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture and corresponds with the Greek goddess Demeter whose daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Pluto and taken to the underworld. Demeter struck a shared custody deal with that sinister Pluto. Six months of each year, Demeter and Persephone would be together — spring and summer, essentially, when the Earth was lush and fertile. Persephone’s return to Pluto is associated with autumn’s dying vegetation and the icy, barren winter months.

Ceres is one of the major asteroids in astrology; in the chart it can reveal your own mothering tendencies, based on the zodiac sign and house it lands in. What’s your favorite way to nurture your loved ones, family, animals and other humans? This can also show your protective instincts: are you a fierce lioness or a laid back “live and let live” type? Since Ceres was Jupiter’s sister, her placement also reveals your own sisterly tendencies.

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Juno illuminates commitment

Are you the marrying kind? What kind of life partner do you want to be? The minor planet Juno is the 11th largest asteroid in the asteroid belt. Juno was Jupiter’s wife and is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Hera—Zeus’ wife. Although both Jupiter and Zeus were philandering cheats, Juno and Hera stuck by their sides. They were often tormented by betrayal and exacting revenge behind the scenes. Loyalty, equality and commitment in romantic partnerships are values Juno and Hera tried to uphold, albeit unsuccessfully at times.

Juno’s zodiac sign and house placement illuminate your approach to marriage, commitment and life partnership. Who we are in relationships isn’t always the person we are at work. For example, you might be a shark at the office who wants to come home and be coddled. Juno can reveal hidden needs and desires from a life partner. Also, how do you handle conflict and issues of fidelity within a relationship?

Juno is one of the major asteroids in astrology that can reveal how cooperative or combative you may be when the rubber meets the road.

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Vesta reveals your feminine purpose

What’s your approach to caring for your home? Vesta is another minor planet in the asteroid belt. In Roman lore she is another sister of Jupiter who opted for a life of celibacy (the “Vestal virgin”) so she could use her energy for other purposes. Some would say she was a little TOO self-sacrificing, ahem. She is associated with the hearth and home; in fact many Italian homes set up shrines to Vesta to this day! She corresponds to the Greek goddess Hestia.

Vesta’s zodiac sign and house placement in the chart reveals your noble, feminine purpose — your purest potential, in many ways. Vesta can help you find projects that you love more than romantic drama or a sultry romp in the sheets. What is your level of self-respect? Vesta as a major asteroid illuminates where you are willing to give everything up for the good of others. Your nesting instincts (or lack thereof) are guided by Vesta.

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Pallas reveals your voice of reason

What is your brand of feminine intellect and justice? How do you get along with the guys? Pallas Athena was the second asteroid discovered. She was daddy’s little girl to Jupiter. Like her Greek counterpart Athena she was kind of a “guy’s girl” more prone to hanging with the fellas than planning a GNO. Pallas was a strategic and fair-minded general who built bridges instead of going to war at the first sign of conflict.

Pallas in the chart that reveals your voice of reason. When the emotion ocean gets choppy, this is where you can find that calm in the storm. Pallas reveals your cool-headed intellect — where head can chime in along with heart. How well do you get along with men, especially your father? Pallas zodiac sign and house placement can help you navigate healthy, productive relationships with males. How strategic are you? Pallas is one of the major asteroids also useful for figuring out the best way to be a planner.

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Chiron reveals a “core wound”

How do you triumph over tragedy? Chiron orbits in a flower-shaped pattern between tough-teacher Saturn and high-minded Uranus. (Or a  “rainbow bridge,” in the words of astrologer Barbara Hand Clow.)

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a wise Centaur whose early life was a series of hurdles and rebounds. The child of rape, he was abandoned by both parents, but adopted by the brotherly Sun god Apollo. During a rowdy night of carousing with the other Centaurs, he was shot in the knee by one of Hercules’ carelessly slung arrows. Instead of throwing in his toga, Chiron set up his home on Mount Pelion where he became a revered sage, prophet, teacher, and…astrologer!

Chiron in astrology is known as “the wounded healer.” It’s zodiac sign and house placement reveals a core wound — and yes, we all have them — which guides our spiritual evolution. While we may never fully recover from this pain, we are able to utilize it help others. The healing process of a “Chironic” wound can be utterly transformational, not to mention essential. There’s no sweeping this comet under the rug. In a sense, Chiron can show where we turn some really intense lemons into artisan lemonade.

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Eros illuminates how you like to be romanced

What turns you on? Eros (or Eris) is another of the major asteroids that gives us clues about love. This dude is a familiar figure—we also know him as Cupid, the son of Aphrodite and the arrow-slinging god of love and sexual desire. Fittingly, some charts show Eros as a heart with an arrow through it; others simply as the words “Eris.”

The zodiac sign and house placement of Eros illuminates your love jones. Do you prefer a hot quickie between appointments or a slow-jamming, sensual session (with rose-petals and champagne) that lasts all night long? How do you like to be romanced and what are your seductive techniques? Eros unlocks the vault on your chamber of (deliciously naughty) secrets.

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Lilith is technically not an asteroid but…

Lilith is not actually an asteroid or any real matter at all! She is actually the point along the moon’s orbital path where it is FARTHEST away from the Earth. (Kind of like the opposite of a Supermoon.) This occurs because the moon orbits in an ellipse rather than a perfect circle.  

Legends of Lilith come from Hebrew mythology. A sexually liberated and empowered woman, she was chosen to be Adam’s first wife, but she refused to cower into a submissive role…and, well, THAT marriage didn’t happen. Lilith was nobody’s fool — she definitely had a bite and edge!

Astrologers call Lilith the “dark moon.” In many ways, she is your inner bitch — the part of you that rises up in anger when your boundaries are crossed. Lilith’s zodiac sign and house placement can show how sexually self-authorized you are, but also where you may get caught up in obsessive affairs. She will also reveal how you defy conventions or push back against the patriarchy.

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