Taurus Moms and Dads Parenting Style

The Taurus parent brings stability.

What kind of parent is a Taurus?

Children fundamentally need routine, which happens to be a specialty for grounded, earth-sign Taurus. Being a creature of habit, you have no problem setting certain basic guidelines like bedtimes, mealtimes, and naps.


What is a Taurus mom or dad like?

The Taurus mom has good taste and good sense.

Strengths and gifts

While you may not always be the most expressive or flexible person, you’re the parent who shows up. School concerts, plays, soccer games—whatever the occasion, you can be counted on to attend and root for your babies. Your steady presence gives your kids an important sense of security, which helps them feel confident in the world.

Taurus David Beckham is the ultimate soccer dad, both on and off the field. The sexy superdad managed a rare dual feat: modeling in Armani briefs, chiseled and nearly naked on traffic-stopping billboards—while simultaneously modeling five-star fatherhood skills in his rock-steady parenting of Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. 

Do Taurus make good parents?

Hot-off-the-runway sample sale, anyone? Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, but is also a practical earth sign. The Taurus parent knows how to find the best of everything for a bargain—and is quite the savvy consumer.

You know just what to buy at Costco, and exactly what has to come from your favorite gourmet shop, local organic butcher, chocolatier, or wine guy (with whom you’re on a first-name basis, natch). You’ll take great pride in telling your brunch guests, for example, that the (nearly) top-shelf champagne in their blood orange mimosas came from Sam’s Club, itemizing just how much you saved.

Taurus is nobody’s sucker. Common sense is your forte, and you can be incredibly grounded, passing along simple but timeless values to your brood. One way you protect your family is by teaching them to make smart use of their resources: time, money and energy. “Waste not, want not” is your mantra.

Traits of an Taurus mom or dad

Challenges and issues

The Taurus parent can be materialistic.

In spite of your sensible side, you can also be a sucker for luxury items, especially if they boost your social status. Taurus parents can get tangled in keeping up with the Joneses, giving your kids the wrong message as you drop them off in the Lexus or (true story) start Christmas shopping in July.

In extreme cases, you could flaunt your flash to your family’s detriment, fiddling while Rome (and your credit rating) burns. Do your kids need to be dressed head-to-toe in labels just because they go to private school? Do you need to fly a pop star in by private jet to perform at your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen? Sure, you want your kids to fit in, or to have their fantasies fulfilled, but in your desire to give them the world, you could forget to teach them how to pay their dues. Share your good taste in music, art, food, etc.—just don’t hand it to them on a silver platter. You want to breed solid citizens, not spoiled brats!

Taurus parenting challenges

That “stubborn” thing is true about the Taurus zodiac sign.

The Bull in charge of their brood is known for stubbornness, and at times, this “old school” approach can create a rift with your kids. While you want to pass along your morals and values, remember that your children are still individuals who will eventually form their own beliefs. Of course, you must offer guidance and set an example. But if you get into a “my way or the highway” showdown (especially with teenagers), you could dig in heels instead of trying to understand your child’s point of view. Maybe you believe in tough love, or fear being a pushover if you don’t put your foot down.

The Taurus parent must learn to pick battles. Otherwise, you could lose the “war” and end up with kids who are distant and distrustful, and who feel you don’t listen to them. The antidote? Recognize that much of your rigidness stems from a resistance to change. Tauruses don’t shift their habits, opinions and beliefs lightly. As a parent, you’ll need to consciously work on developing greater tolerance and flexibility. After all, your kids weren’t born to be molded into “chips off the old block.” They’re here as your soul teachers, mirroring parts of yourself that are meant to grow and evolve. 

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