What the Moon in Aquarius/the 11th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about the moon in Aquarius or the 11th House

What are these weird things called…feelings? Hosting the moon in Aquarius or the 11th house can be a funny thing.

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Traits of the moon in Aquarius

This zodiac placement is far more cerebral than emotional. It’s not that you aren’t sensitive. You just don’t see why people have to lose their s**t to prove that they’re passionate or to get their point across. While you can be cool as a cucumber, you care deeply for humanity. You’ll stick up for the underdog in a heartbeat, or encourage people to rise above petty conflicts and find that “one love” unity that we all share. Your ability to detach and be the voice of reason is a moon in Aquarius superpower.

That said, you may get stuck rationalizing your emotions by saying how you think, instead of how you feel. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to be compassionate and caring. Learning to tune in to your heart instead of going right to your intellect will expand your empathetic range. 

When it comes to interpersonal dynamics, you’re experimental and avant-garde by nature. You’ll seek out edgy, daring new experiences—even making yourself a bit uncomfortable in the process! But sometimes, you can push boundaries a little too far and offend others in the process. (Hey, some people will never be ready for your radical, future-forward ideas?) Aquarius and the 11th house are communal. The more IS the merrier, as far as you’re concerned. You may have an ever-growing squad—and friends in every port—to prove it.  

The moon in Aquarius understands the concept of free love

Unconventional relationship arrangements might be your preference, since you hate to be fenced in. This can foster plenty of friends-with-benefits and no-strings-attached relationships, sometimes resulting in multiple romantic partners. Yes, that may be exactly what your moon sign needs to satiate the desire for both intimate and platonic connection.  

Even if you are a one-on-one person, you won’t take kindly to a partner who restricts your personal freedom or tries to control your schedule. Life and liberty go hand in hand for the free-spirited Aquarius/11th house moon. Just remember to establish some sort of emotional hierarchy, placing bae at—or at least near—the top.

The pitfall for this moon sign is that you can forget to do those little romantic things that make your partner feel special. Ultimately, you do want a mate who will also be your BFF. They have to click with your other close friends, too. This craving for connectedness doesn’t just stop IRL, either: online communities were made for you technology-driven lovers. 

With your futuristic outlook and innovative ideas, you are an emotional pioneer. This head-in-the-clouds moon sign can also come across as a bit quirky or in your own world at times. But that’s the gift of your high-vibe moon sign. As you teach people how to live by their own rules you pave the way for human progress. Ascend! 


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