What the Moon in Aries/the 1st House Reveals about Your Chart 

All about the Moon in Aries or in the 1st house

Look out, world! With a dynamic moon in Aries (or the 1st house), you’re energetic and excitable. You’ll dive headfirst into new relationships, becoming fast friends and lovers when you feel the spark. Because you “connect first, ask questions later,” these attractions may sizzle as fast as they fizzle. Thankfully, you’re not one to dwell. Life is too short, and you have too much joie de vivre! When the next shiny soul captivates your interest, you’re back in the game—and you’re all in!

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Traits of the moon in Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression and war, which can make you temperamental and straight-up combative. With your fiery emotions, you get frustrated easily, blowing up at the slightest provocations. Though your temper tantrums pass quickly (hello, fire sign), you don’t always realize how much havoc your rage spells can wreak. The fallout could take years to live down, if the bridge isn’t permanently burned. Learning to be less reactive and more serene will be a lifelong quest for an Aries moon. (Things like yoga, breathwork and even anger management techniques can help!) 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and this moon sign makes you an initiator who likes to be No. 1. A warrior at heart, you’ll courageously champion any cause, project or person you believe in. You have a star quality, but your competitive streak can be fierce! To stay in balance, cultivate a physical and/or creative outlet and pour into it all that passionate emotion. Sports, regular sex and hobbies and projects that challenge you (without an overly complex set of rules) are a must.

In relationships, as well as with family and friends, you need independence and freedom. The idea of being trapped or chained down terrifies you—and can evoke intense arguments, knee-jerk reactions, and even running away from people or situations when the going gets too tough. 

Moon in Aries bottom line

If you want to be emotionally fulfilled, tear up the rule book! With this fervent moon sign, you’re a true original who must blaze your own trail. While your pioneering spirit drives you to create something that’s never been done before, you may need outside motivation in order to bring your big ideas to the finish line. You may act or speak before thinking through the consequences, boldly unleashing a stream of uncensored thoughts on your social media feeds or maxing out the VISA for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that could affect your credit score for years. 


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