What the Moon in Scorpio/the 8th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about the moon in Scorpio (fall) or in the 8th house

Intensity! Mystery! Seduction! Mmm-hmm. If you were born with the moon in Scorpio or the 8th house, your emotions are complex and mysterious.

The moon is in “fall” in this sign, which is said to be one of its most challenging placements in the zodiac. It’s true that your feelings come with a strong current, one that’s been known to pull you into an obsessive undertow. But thanks to this deep-diving lunar placement, you don’t mind going (way down) there. Anything too “surface,” light or superficial won’t hold your interest.

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Traits of the moon in Scorpio

Scorpio and the 8th house are associated with transformation. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, you must touch the fire of destruction before you can elevate to the illuminated heights of awareness. Tough emotional lessons? You’ll weather plenty of them in this lifetime. It’s part of your process—and how you develop your superpowers as an empath, mystic, counselor or guide.  

Loyalty is everything to the moon in Scorpio. Because of this, you exude a trustworthiness that draws people into your confidence. Friends—and even strangers—are quick to share intimate personal details they’ve “never told anyone else in my life.” The Scorpio/8th house moon understands the sanctity of a secret. Lord knows, you have plenty of your own tucked away.  

But sharing your own deep, dark feelings is another story altogether. Few people can make you feel safe enough to reveal your emotions. Anything that makes you feel “weak,” vulnerable or needy is not your cup of tea. Betrayals are hard to forgive for the Scorpio/8th house moon. If you sense that you’ll be judged in any way, the vault remains locked.

Beyond earning your trust, a confidant must be intelligent enough to help you parse through your layered, multi-dimensional experience. You’d rather keep your feelings bottled up than to confess them, only to look up to a shocked or confused expression on the listener’s face.

What’s one of the best investments a moon in Scorpio can make?

A high-level therapist or coach who can guide you through the complex nuances of your own psyche. Strong sexual chemistry is important to feeling loved for a Scorpio/8th house moon sign. You need to know that you’re attractive, and feel quite strongly about the intensity with which you’re attracted to others (or even repulsed for that matter!).

When it comes to desire, you’re hot or you’re not. You may go long periods of time without feeling drawn to intimacy. But when it’s on, it’s on! With your rich inner life, you can also go for long periods of time being solitary, and then suddenly end up in a soul-stirring partnership that lasts a lifetime. 


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