What the Moon in Taurus/the 2nd House Reveals about Your Chart

All about the moon in Taurus (exalted) or in the 2nd house

Stability, loyalty, consistency: check! With the moon in Taurus or the 2nd house, you have a deep need for security in every area of life.

The desire-driven moon is exalted in Taurus, which is its most potent position. This blesses you with high levels of emotional intelligence (E.Q.). Dutiful and dependable, you’re the (earth sign) rock for the ones you love. Friends and lovers may be surprised by how much they can lean on you—especially if other planets in your chart make you appear rebellious. But nope! You’ll come through for your crew in a pinch, even if you move at a slower, but steadier, pace. While you may read as stoic, you’re possessive and like to claim your mates. Friends become “chosen family” or “my people.”

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You operate at two speeds if you have the moon in Taurus

Generally, as a Taurus moon you operate at two speeds: relaxed and contented (like a steer luxuriating in a verdant pasture) or hyped-up and ready to charge. (Toro, toro!)

You basically have a built-in energy conservation program that helps you to patiently assess whether something is worth an investment of time and resources. If the green light flashes, it’s all systems go! But until then, slow and steady wins the race. Since feelings can be heavy for you, regular naps may be necessary to help you process them. People may accuse you of being lazy but that’s not the case. Giving so steadily can be exhausting! Sleep is a sacred art form to the Taurus/2nd house moon. To bring your best to the world each day, turn your bedroom into a temple of serenity. 

Relationships if you have the moon in Taurus

Relationships are investments for the Taurus/2nd house moon, and the best ones for you age like a fine wine. Repetitive routines may dull the sparks for some folks, but not you! These are the very things you find romantic, like making morning the perfect cup of morning coffee for your boo or getting together with friends for Meatless Monday potlucks. Creating memories and turning them into traditions is the glue that binds you together. The more “lather, rinse and repeat” things feel, the more bonded you become. 

As long as you keep putting time and energy into good people, you’ll experience increasing dividends.  

But there IS a catch: if you get too comfortable, relationships can flatline. Alas, the moon in Taurus can make you stubborn. Since you appreciate the safe and familiar, you may resist change, digging in your heels when it’s time to evolve. Cleaving to outmoded ways can plunge you into an emotional rut, leading to hopelessness or depression.

When friends and partners want to evolve, push yourself (hard!) to move beyond the status quo. Even if you eventually amble back to your old way of doing things, you’ll do so with a fresh perspective—and that’s a win-win for everyone.

A moon in Taurus comes with great taste

While your tastes may be modest in many categories, the moon in Taurus gives you an appetite for luxury. There are certain possessions that must be the best of the best. Maybe you’re a foodie or a sneakerhead or a music aficionado. This moon sign can make you a curator or a collector.

And you’re going to need a budget to satisfy those urges! Your decadent splurges generally fall in the “practical luxury” realm, having a purpose and use for enjoyment. You might even be a minimalist who simply enjoys a few high-quality items that suit your (highly specific) tastes to a T.

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