What the Moon in Virgo/the 6th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about the moon in Virgo or the 6th House

Analyze this? Bring it on. No stone is left unturned by those born with the moon in Virgo or the 6th house.

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Traits of the moon in Virgo

With your natural curiosity, you love finding out what makes people tick, a trait that makes you an excellent counselor or guide. Even if you don’t work in an advisory field, people naturally seek out your wisdom. Solicited or not, you’ll always have feedback! The ethical moon in Virgo makes you highly opinionated, especially where interpersonal matters are concerned.  

Life is viewed through a critical lens for you. Yes, you do judge people. But the person you are hardest on is yourself. Perfectionism is a pitfall for both Virgo and the 6th house, and when applied to emotions, it can stir up shame and self-deprecation. It’s great to keep a high bar raised, but try not to set impossible standards. As you lighten up on yourself, your relationships will improve.  

You guard your emotions a bit more closely. Modest and composed, receiving support can be a struggle. Part of the reason? Virgo and the 6th house are associated with selfless service. ‘Tis better to give, could be the mantra for the generous and helpful souls born with this lunar placement. In a pinch, you’ll do anything for the ones you love.

And yeah, you’re a little bit of a control freak who likes things done “just so.” Allowing others to contribute can make you feel uncomfortably vulnerable. But when the scoreboard gets lopsided, you may grow resentful. The best friends for you know to “just give” instead of waiting for you to ask for help.  

Cleanliness is next to godliness for a moon in Virgo

With the moon in this meticulous placement, cleanliness is next to godliness. You have zero patience for sloppy work or lazy types. Integrity is everything to you! Clean, serene environments put you at ease. Clutter, on the other hand, gives you anxiety. Tidying up is a great form of therapy for this moon sign. When you need to stress clean, no one scrubs a tub with quite your ferocity. That said, you can be an obsessive hobbyist, collecting more tools or supplies than you know what to do with. One room in your house that may always look like a tornado blew through it.  

Virgo and 6th house govern our well-being, so the connection between mind and body is powerful for you! Taking care of your body is directly correlated to your emotional health. You’re probably diligent about exercising and eating right to achieve optimal wellness (and if not, you should be). Pay attention to your thoughts because they can quickly manifest into moods. A mindfulness practice can keep you centered, but careful not to swing to the opposite extreme. Those healthy obsessions can make you neurotic. Remind yourself regularly that moderation is key!


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