Pisces Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Self-care for Pisces health is all about soothing and pampering with wise indulgences.

What does Pisces rule in the body?

Body parts



Lymphatic system, pituitary gland

Do Pisces like working out?

Pisces health and fitness style

Pisces rules the feet, so dancing or dance-inspired workouts will get you pumped. You may also excel at kickboxing, soccer, or sports that require fancy footwork.

As the sign of the Fish, swimming is a no-brainer. Once you have your bearings, you might even try surfing or stand-up paddleboarding; or help crew a sailboat. When times get busy, take a quick run on the treadmill or go dancing with friends. Yoga also appeals to your metaphysical sensibilities and calms your turbulent emotions. Try hot yoga. The detoxifying sweat can be healing for a water sign.

Pisces health habits

Food and eating habits

Many Pisces have sluggish metabolisms and tend to put on weight, so monitor your dietary habits and drink lots of fresh water to keep your systems moving. You’re an emotional eater who loves to indulge. Be sure you’re not stuffing down pain, stress or resentment with that extra round of drinks and dessert. Pamper yourself by preparing your own healthy, delicious meals. Cooking is both comforting and healing for Pisces—a perfect creative outlet that also nourishes you.

Keeping the glow

Pisces believe in the holistic approach to wellness. You are drawn to energy healing, meditation and subconscious work. For you, there’s always a link between mind, body and spirit. As such, you must regularly process and purge troubling emotions from your system. Therapy, chanting and journal-writing help you gain awareness of your patterns. No, they may never go away—but once you understand them, you can stop yourself from tumbling down an unhealthy rabbit hole.

Listening to music, reading and painting will still your frazzled nerves. As a water sign, hydrotherapy is a must. Plunge into a bubble bath with mineral salts, dip in a jacuzzi or unwind in a steam room. You may retain water, especially in your ankles. Your feet also swell easily, so be sure you support them with well-made shoes, soak them and keep the circulation flowing. Pamper your feet and they’ll keep the rest of you supported in your Pisces health routine.


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