What Pluto in Aries/the 1st House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Pluto in Aries or in the 1st house

Mysterious and magnetic, Pluto in Aries, the first house of identity, gives you a lot of power to play with.

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Traits of Pluto in Aries

It’s up to you to choose what image you want to project to the world: Will you disappear or captivate the crowds? When you feel like going undercover, you’re as slick as an international spy, literally disappearing into the background while you observe the scene and gather clues. But you’re equally adept at commanding the room, drawing all eyes your way with your potent presence. Intuitively, you know what to hide and what to reveal, leaving people wondering and wanting more.  

Pluto in Aries in love

In love, Pluto in Aries is a master seducer and even a bit of a tease. Charming and attracting people is a total turn-on for you! (Are those thirst-trap photos we see on your feed?) If we flung open your closet, we’d likely see a lot of black numbers (Pluto’s favorite hue) in sexy cuts…and even some fetishwear. Meow!

But Pluto in this independent position can also create a push-pull dynamic that drives people over the edge. You may be repelled by folks who come too close or draw them in only to drive them away. Part of your evolution may involve working through intimacy issues and letting people get past the shield that you create with your image.  

Challenges for Pluto in Aries

Anger and aggression can be your Achilles heel. This Pluto in Aries position makes you highly reactive! When provoked or jealous, you lash out and may lose all sense of perspective. Getting in touch with your triggers is a must to prevent embarrassing and destructive outbursts. Since Pluto rules the unconscious, however, you may only learn what provokes you after an unfortunate outburst.  

Channeling your prodigious energy into physical activity is a great tool for anger management. This Pluto position makes you highly competitive so sports that involve medals and titles will be right up your alley. That applies to all areas of life. You vie for the best and know you deserve it—and with obsessive Pluto spurring you on, you won’t stop until you’ve reached the top.


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