What Pluto in Cancer/the 4th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Pluto in Cancer or in the 4th house

Privacy, please! With undercover Pluto in Cancer, you may prefer to fly under the radar.

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Traits of Pluto in Cancer

If you’re not a full-on introvert, you are certainly introspective, requiring periods of alone time to clear your head and engage in deep reflection. Your sense of security can be delicate with Pluto in Cancer—and you have heightened emotional sensitivity.

Since this is the planet that rules the unconscious, childhood traumas and wounds could stick in your psyche, creating a false sense of danger in the world. Working with a therapist to “re-parent” yourself can help you to feel safe. Over time, you can distinguish when you’re projecting your own “shadow” emotions onto other people (like anger, sadness, or fear) instead of courageously owning up to what you actually feel.  

Pluto in Cancer relationships

Your loyalty is to the family—almost to mob boss levels at times. Whether they share your DNA or are “chosen family,” the people who are in your innermost circle will be treated with the utmost reverence. You’d literally do anything for them, there is no one more devoted than you!

But if folks don’t have your trust, look out. You can be guarded and suspicious, and they are going to have to pass through complex tests to prove their allegiance. If this unconscious quality becomes too severe, you can become isolated or stuck in an echo chamber of people who think and feel like you do. Alas, that will only short circuit your personal evolution. Make a point of getting out more often, and with people from different backgrounds and walks of life.  

Since Cancer and the 4th house are associated with nurturing, you may be drawn to intimate partners who have a parental quality…or who you can fuss over a little yourself. Taking care of a love interest can be a huge aphrodisiac for you. Dole this out selectively to avoid going from “Hot Mama” to “Mother Dear.” That said, playing house and creating a family with your boo is a huge turn-on. Pluto rules the reproductive organs, and this placement could give you the urge to parent at a young age.  

With wealth-agent Pluto in this domestic zone, you could earn your fortune through real estate investments or simply save enough to make a fateful purchase one day. A family inheritance could also set you up for success, or you could marry into a well-heeled family that takes care of your monetary needs.

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