What Pluto in Scorpio/the 8th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Pluto in Scorpio or in the 8th house

Pluto in Scorpio is right at home in its native sign of Scorpio and the underground vault that is the eighth house!

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Traits of Pluto in Scorpio

You’ve probably been labeled “intense,” “sexy” or “mysterious” more times than you can count…and you can’t deny that the clear-heeled shoe fits. This deep-diving placement makes it hard for you to do anything by half-measure. Relationships, while all-encompassing, can be feast or famine for you.

At times you can barely fend off the crush of wannabe suitors. You have good reason to be proud of your powers of seduction! Then, you may go months with nary an interesting prospect on your radar. These “dry spells” are often the times when you do your most important creative work and spiritual development since the lure of erotic distraction isn’t pulling you outside of yourself.  

Sex is Pluto in Scorpio’s karmic teacher

When you are in the throes of attraction, however, it’s hard for you to focus on much else—especially when you’re still in the early bonding phases. Sex is your karmic teacher and your kryptonite with Pluto the projector here. It’s not uncommon for you to be hypnotized by the allure of someone’s potential. For the record, this can make you an amazing teacher, life coach or parent, since you are able to see clearly people’s highest paths. But in love (and lust!) it can be your undoing as you hoist people on to pedestals that they may or may not deserve.  

Sexual interactions can provide a high—and sometimes those are truly transformational. You may enjoy playing with power dynamics in your sexual encounters, exploring BDSM or in some cases, acting out violent fantasies. Sex can plunge you into the shadows, arousing jealousy, vengeance, obsession and other blinding emotions that pull you far from your logical center. You are prone to self-soothing with addictive behaviors from drinking to emotional eating and other escapes. Complex? Absolutely. But bringing your unconscious urges—and yes, your animal instincts—to light is your path to your evolution.

Pluto in Scorpio finances

Wealth agent Pluto in this position can make you a money magnet! Once you crack the code on financial strategies, you can be quite the shrewd investor. Compounding interest and a real estate portfolio might be your path to early retirement. Even if you don’t have a trust fund (although you might with Pluto here), you could be skillful at raising start-up cash through a bank loan, private equity or another investor. Loss and death may be a theme in your transformational path in this lifetime. You may be the beneficiary of an inheritance OR find your true power after losing someone who was a benefactor, thus being forced to get out and fend for yourself.


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