What Pluto in Virgo/the 6th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Pluto in Virgo or in the 6th house

Is perfection possible? You’ll certainly try your hardest to find out, Pluto in Virgo!

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Traits of Pluto in Virgo

With the obsessive planet in this detail-driven position, nothing escapes your exacting eye. At best, this can make you a true master who will work tirelessly to hone your craft. At worse, you may be perpetually dissatisfied, never feeling like you can do, have or be enough.

Unconscious forces are definitely at play, perhaps the result of a critical parent who pushed you to be your “best” or another factor from your childhood that led you to cover up a sense of shame. Your spiritual evolution may involve learning the art of surrender. Sometimes, you simply need to let go and accept that done is better than perfect. 

Career paths for Pluto in Virgo

Precise and analytical, you could make a stellar engineer, scientist or statistician. If you have good hand-eye control, you may become a surgeon or master chef. Whatever your chosen path, you will be a stickler for the details. Discovering all the finer points of your latest passion could keep you up researching and practicing into all hours of the night.  

Pluto in Virgo in love

In love, you’re a loyal and devoted partner.  And with seductive Pluto in the sign or house of service, you are generous in bed. Sex is a craft to be mastered and honed, as far as you’re concerned. (And you probably have the toy chest or Red Room to prove it.)  With your gift for making a lover go weak, you can easily gain the upper hand. While power games can be sexy in some measure, be careful not to use your amorous talents to manipulate or control your mate. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! 

Spending time in nature is transformational for you, and your values are decidedly “salt of the earth.” While you need to have a sense of financial security, you tend toward modesty. You’d rather invest in quality, sustainably sourced goods than anything flashy or trendy. Owning land—and possibly turning into a resource through farming—may be an investment that calls to you in this lifetime.


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