How to Make a New Moon Power Wish, According to Japan’s Top Astrologer Keiko

Tap into the lunar power of new moons and full moons using astrologer Keiko’s technique called The Power Wish, and let the Universe know you mean business!

New moon circles, full moon rituals: Many of our readers set intentions at the new moon, a powerful practice that we’ve done for years ourselves.

But Keiko, Japan’s leading astrologer, offers a focused new technique that she calls the Power Wish, based on her moon method, Lunalogy.

In her clever new book The Power Wish, Keiko describes the Moon as “Earth’s help desk,” an agent between humans and the universe. 

But this service center isn’t open 24/7, she asserts. Office hours happen twice a month, at the new and full moons. And with a subtle yet empowered tweak, Keiko elevates us from passive woo-woo wishing to truly harnessing the available energy with the correct tactics and timing.

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The Power Wish book

A Power Wish helps your wishes stick

Making new and full moon wishes is not just about passively writing down a “laundry list” of what you want and waiting for the items to show up like an absentmindedly placed Amazon Prime delivery. 

“There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to writing wishes,” says Keiko. “That being said, there’s definitely an effective way—one that gets the universe on your side.”

In other words, HOW you write your wishes makes all the difference in the way the Universe responds.

“It bothered me that the vibration of the word wish felt a bit weak,” explains Keiko. “It just didn’t feel like a good enough match for the new and full moon. When I asked myself what to call it instead, Power Wish immediately came to mind.”

It’s like applying for a job, Keiko explains. Not only do you want to submit an attention-grabbing resume, it also has to be for the right position. The most brilliant graphic designer won’t be hired as a top-tier attorney, for example.

In The Power Wish, Keiko shows you how to use important moon phases as a sort of lunar LinkedIn, making you the Universe’s favorite candidate!

The trick: Get the Universe “in the mood”

We LOL’d many times reading this deceptively adorable, wisdom-filled hardcover. Keiko has a flair for making analogies that resonate with modern life. 

According to Keiko, you have to hit the “sweet spot” that curries favor from the Universe and puts those divine forces in the mood to grant your wishes. In other words, you’ve got to co-create–something we’ve always believed and advocated.

It’s a bit like cosmic foreplay—you have to warm the Universe up and “get on the same wavelength,” says Keiko. And, just as if you were hoping to win a job or an award, you have to come from a high-vibration place. You can’t go around hurting and mistreating people, then demand VIP treatment from the divine. 

There’s a karmic piece to this Moon-infesting game, says Keiko—and whether you agree or not, it makes plenty of sense to us.

Make different Power Wishes for new and full moons

Using what she calls “anchoring statements” and “anchorings,” Keiko demonstrates how to make a Power Wish that will make you the teacher’s pet of the Universe.

New and full moons happen two weeks apart. True to what you’ve probably learned, Keiko advises setting intentions for what you want to have happen at the new moon, and in The Power Wish, she shows great examples for writing a statement that gets results.

In The Power Wish method, you must also write a corresponding full moon Power Wish for the lunar cycle’s peak that happens two weeks following each new moon. 

Full moon wishes bring in elements that we’ve practiced from Law of Attraction work and are written as gratitude notes, as if your Power Wish has already been granted.

Moon water, zodiac signs and moon circles

The zodiac sign that the new or full moon is in each month also influences the way you frame your Power Wish, and Keiko gives prompts and advice to incorporate these cycles effectively.

For those still wanting some “woo” in their wishes, Keiko also has a recipe for Moon Water and a simple ritual for making and drinking it as part of your Power Wish process.

Power up your Moon-infesting with The Power Wish. If you do moon circles, this is the perfect book club-style handbook to bring into your metaphysical mastermind. Making Power Wishes with friends and holding them collectively could certainly get that lunar “help desk” taking your calls and prioritizing your desires!

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The Power Wish book

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