Sagittarius Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Sagittarius health centers on tirelessness, but your ruling planet Jupiter also loves to indulge.

What does Sagittarius rule in the body?

Body parts

Hips, thighs


Liver, hepatic system, pituitary gland 

Does Sagittarius like working out?

Sagittarius health and fitness style

You’re an active, powerful sign but you could take your health lightly. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, and you’re often sturdily built with prominent curves. Staying active is important, since your “no limits” sign can indulge to the point of excess. Sportier Sagittarians may even become fitness instructors, because you love to teach what you’re passionate about. You do great with leg sports, especially outdoor ones such as hiking and biking.

Impatient as you are, you crave intense workouts with maximum results. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) was made for you! You’ve got a busy, varied schedule and can rarely be bothered with details. Since you’re clumsy and prone to minor injuries, you should avoid anything too intricate, but keep it fresh by trying out new routines. 

Sagittarius health habits

Food and eating habits

You love global fare, so find a way to give healthy dishes an worldly twist. Sagittarius is the sign of abundance so you tend to overindulge, much like your ruler Jupiter, god of the feast. Your on-the-go, exploratory lifestyle may leave no time to cook, but occasionally taking the time to prepare your own meals will balance you.

You’re notorious for stress eating, and ruled by the fire element, you can move or chow too quickly. Learn to slow down and savor your food. Since Sagittarius rules higher education, take classes on cooking and nutrition. You love to become an unofficial “expert” at anything!

Keeping the glow

You’re a workaholic, but don’t forget to stop and take care of yourself. Combine fitness with business or make it a way to channel your inspiration for Sagittarius health. For example, try power-walking with a fellow visionary or biking to stir creative ideas. The key is consistency coupled with variety—stick to a routine at least three times a week, but vary the workout or you’ll lose interest. Investing in a great trainer can help to keep you accountable, but you’d do best with someone who pumps you up with inspiration—and never acts like a drill sergeant.

Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and your curves may be legendary. At times, you may struggle to embrace this, but learning to accept your body is part of your journey. At the same time, staying active is important to keep your energy high. Learn to cook healthy recipes using a rainbow of produce and lean proteins, and you won’t have to sacrifice flavor for wellbeing.


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