Scorpio Career Horoscope: 17 Best Job Ideas

Finding your passion is the ultimate career goal

Scorpio career traits

When it comes to the Scorpio career path, your sign is on a serious mission. You pour yourself into work with the same smoldering intensity that you bring to everything else you do. No detail escapes you, and you’ll do almost anything to get what you want.

Scorpio is the sign of power and control. Although you crave security, you also thrive on competition. Nothing engages a Scorpio more than pursuing an out-of-reach goal that promises power, lifelong financial security or a chance to be seen as the best in your field.

Scorpio rules the zodiac’s eighth house of other people’s property and large chunks of money. You could thrive as a real estate investor, tax attorney, financial advisor, media mogul, or anything that involves handling a large fortune. 

Scorpio is a limber, body-conscious sign, and you may express your intensity through a physical career, such as teaching yoga, dance or physical therapy. Because you rule birth and death, you could even be a doula, ObGyn—or a mortician!

Scorpios pay precise attention to detail, and you love to plumb the depths of any subject. You could make an excellent editor or psychologist. With your natural creativity, your Scorpio career path could also lead to being a great artist or musician. At the very least, you could be an expert in obscure music or a great producer.

Your sign is like a magnet, so focus on drawing others to you by inventing a new brand of cool, rather than chasing after them. Nothing says “world domination” more than the quiet, come-hither energy of a Scorpio basking in your power.

What is a good career for a Scorpio?

  • Lawyer 
  • Real Estate Mogul
  • Holistic Bodyworker              
  • Psychologist
  • Sex Therapist
  • Investment Banker          
  • Psychic
  • Tax Attorney              
  • Agent
  • Journalist 
  • Politician             
  • Musician
  • Birth Or Death Doula
  • Boutique Owner
  • Fashion Designer
  • Magazine Editor
  • Dancer

Scorpio career mistakes or pitfalls to avoid


Though you long for validation, secretive Scorpios are uncomfortable bragging. And boasting is SO unflattering to your sign. It makes you seem desperate or annoyingly cocky (translation: insecure)— tarnishing that intimidating, oh-so-powerful vibe that we love and fear in Scorpios.

Being sneaky

Too much secrecy could work against you, too. Because you simmer with such powerful energy, people who don’t know you may feel overwhelmed when you unleash it on them. Or, they may simply sense that “something’s up” and suspect that you have a hidden agenda. You’re the sign of extremes, so be careful not to be too brash or forceful—and be sure to reveal your intentions up front rather than being overly mysterious. Don’t worry Scorpio, you might be often imitated, but you’re never duplicated—your secret sauce is far too original for anyone to steal.

Scorpio career: Your ultimate purpose

To understand and reveal the mysteries of life.


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