Scorpio Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Scorpio health can get stuck in overdrive. This sign can overdo it with exercise but can find balance.

What does Scorpio rule in the body?

Body parts

Reproductive organs, pelvis


Reproductive and elimination systems

Does Scorpio like working out?

Scorpio health and fitness style

Scorpios either love or hate to exercise, but you’re highly concerned with keeping your edge. You’ll do what it takes to stay fit, and once your energy gets flowing, you won’t want to stop. When you get into anything, you go all the way. You’re a private sign, so you may prefer to work out at home, at a small fitness studio or with a private instructor, and you could buy home exercise equipment. Scorpio is attracted to intensity and risk, so an extreme sport may appeal to the more athletic among your sign. Or, you’ll go for an activity like yoga or modern dance that demands attention to detail and mastery.

Scorpio health habits

Food and eating habits

Scorpios tend to be excessive—you can obsess about food and go to extremes, either forgetting to eat, controlling your portions too rigidly or overindulging. You’re a stress eater, especially when driving yourself toward a goal. Try to step back from all the multitasking and make yourself a home-cooked meal. Cooking will channel your energy into something proactive and positive. It will also give your deeply intuitive mind a chance to work things through—which can happen only when you stop analyzing a situation to death and just let it be, trusting that it will work out in time.

Keeping the glow

Don’t overdo it. You’re a hard-driving, hardworking person. But even powerhouses need rest. Make sure you take downtime at home, but don’t isolate yourself for long. Scorpios create such a cozy environment that before you know it, hours have slipped away and you haven’t left the house. Get out and walk, preferably near water. Relax with a class that balances you, get a pedicure or try regular meditation. Monitor your obsessive tendencies and aim for balance. You don’t have to figure everything out in the moment. Pace yourself and learn to be satisfied with the progress you’ve already made.


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