Scorpio Travel Horoscope

The Scorpio travel style is pulling yourself away from work and explore the planet’s hidden corners.

Does Scorpio like to travel?

Vacation—what’s that? You rarely give yourself a break from your 10,001 projects, Scorpio. Plus, you’ve got everything set up so perfectly at home that it’s hard to leave your sacred oasis. But when you do decide to spread your wings, you’re quite an explorer, traveling to all the hidden jewels of the planet. 

The perfect Scorpio travel destinations

Immersive experiences are your jam. Just like everything else in your life, you want to dive in fully and be overtaken by the full, multidimensional deep dive. Many Scorpios prefer to travel solo for this reason. The distraction of family and friends can prevent you from feeling your way through a new part of the world—which is the ultimate way for your empathic sign to sate your wanderlust. 

Business travel is high on your agenda, which allows you to justify time away from your goals. In your trademark intense style, you’re an extreme traveler—when you take off, you do it all the way. You’re the type who will quit your job and head to Southeast Asia, backpack through Europe or study abroad in Australia.

Your best vacation spots involve water, your ruling element—such as a beautiful, remote beach where you can surf, swim and stroll along the shore. Equally, you’ll seek intense experiences like detoxing in Costa Rico, a long ski trip, or traveling through Europe by rail. Places that allow you to disappear into the crowd or explore the mysteries of a new culture or environment will appeal. 

Scorpio travel astrology tips

You can do well on retreats, especially at exclusive enclaves where you have plenty of privacy. Deep Scorpios always pursue intimate bonding (with yourself and others) and you don’t want crowds or tightly-packed itineraries taking up your precious time. You prefer to be in total control of your agenda.


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