Taurus Career Horoscope: 14 Best Job Ideas

Hardworking Taurus won’t stop till the job is done

Taurus career traits

Taurus is one of the zodiac’s hardest working signs: loyal, organized and persistent. While you love to lounge once the workday’s over, nobody is more dedicated than you when there’s a job to complete. You finish what you start, even if it means late hours and extra stress. This guarantees that you’ll always succeed, simply because you don’t quit until you do!

Taurus rules the zodiac’s second house of daily income, so a steady paycheck is vital to your inner peace. Although you can prosper as a business owner, security is your top priority in life and will influence your Taurus career choice. The rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship may just make you nauseous. As a result, many Bulls end up in high-ranking management positions, often in large, stable organizations, or industries like banking and real estate. (Bonus if you get to wear stylish, upscale clothes every day.)

Ruled by artistic Venus, Taurus is a highly creative sign. Be sure you don’t neglect this part of yourself. Many Bulls thrive in the arts. At the very least have a creative outlet, even if it isn’t associated with your Taurus career, although there’s a good chance it will. One Taurus we know owns a homegoods store and he spends his off hours artistically refinishing the furniture he sells.

You’ve got a strong sense of color, gourmet tastebuds and a keen musical ear. At the very least, you’ll improve any environment you join. You understand that a company’s image is vital to its success, and you know just how to package a product or brand to give it that first-class touch.

With your knack for creating beautiful spaces, the hospitality industry has your name written all over it. You might invest in a rental property for Airbnb income. With your gourmet tastes, you’d make an excellent restaurateur or owner of a wine bar. You know how to make everyone feel at home, and provide a classy and gorgeous setting for the world to enjoy. Positions that allow you to wine and dine your clients are also fruitful. You don’t mind making small talk in order to get the sale—you are highly strategic when it comes to your social encounters.

What is a good career for a Taurus?

  • Banking/Finance            
  • Teacher
  • Real Estate Agent            
  • Producer
  • Sommelier
  • Fashion Designer
  • Decorator                
  • Interior Designer
  • Sales Rep                
  • Musician
  • Art Dealer                
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Makeup Artist                
  • Singer

Taurus career mistakes or pitfalls to avoid

Getting stuck in a dead-end job

Because Tauruses hate change, you should thoroughly research any company or project before taking a job. Chances are, you’ll be there for a long time, so you want to be sure it’s a great fit. Before you go prospecting on your own, see if a recruiter can’t find you a better position than you could discover for yourself.

Pent-up rage

You tend to be proper and well-mannered, showing great respect to the higher-ups. Little do they know there’s a raging bull within you! If you’ve got an issue with a superior, you may hold back from telling her. Instead, you’ll gossip and complain to co-workers, driving them crazy. Eventually you explode, damaging your own reputation and burning valuable bridges. Better to have a calm, direct conversation when a problem first starts, before it gets out of hand.

Taurus career: Your ultimate purpose

To create a structure and solid foundation for people to stand on is the goal of your Taurus career path.

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