Taurus Entertaining Style

The Taurus entertaining style create an elegant vibe for a motley crew of friends and acquaintances.

Does Taurus like to party?

You live for a good soiree, but prefer staying in your comfort zone, so playing host puts you right in your element. When the fete is at Chateau Toro, it can unfold on your terms and according to your specific tastes. You want the vibe to be ambient, so people can relax into great conversation. This is also an excuse to show off your fine tastes! Impress guests with gourmet treats or an elaborate, three-course dinner party. When it comes to your invite list, you’re highly selective and will make sure a few VIPs are included. You’re as down to earth as you are elitist, Taurus. Watching the influencers rub elbows with musicians and your tarot reader can be half the fun, especially when they’re all assembled in your living room.

The Taurus host

You’re the consummate host and like to make it look like you’ve pulled everything off effortlessly. But secretly, you’ll plan for weeks. No detail will be overlooked— you’ll polish your silver, curate a playlist and add some fancy touch that will leave the crowd oohing and ahhing. You certainly won’t be resting. Because you like to run the show, you’ll play M.C., greeting your guests, refreshing their drinks and only crashing after the last visitor has left. Plan for a sleep marathon the following day to make up for the massive energy you expended. You may even invite guests to spend the night, since once you get warmed up, the party won’t stop!

If your home is too small, reserve an area at an exclusive lounge with tasteful decor or see if an art gallery or coworking space will let you throw a shindig there in exchange for getting potential customers in the door. You never know, Bull, this could turn into a monthly affair!


The AstroTwins

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