Taurus Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Taurus health for this beauty loving sign means finding a spa-like space to work out in. Steamroom a must.

What does Taurus rule in the body?

Body parts

Neck, throat, shoulders


Thyroid, sensory organs

Does Taurus like working out?

Health and fitness style

Earthy, stable Tauruses are built to last. You’re a rock solid brick house, even when you’re on the thin side. Your energy is heavy, like a sitting bull, and can get “stuck,” so it’s important to move around regularly and often. You get lazy fast, making it hard to motivate yourself once you’ve decided to unwind.

Because beauty appeals to you, join a spa-like gym with a steam room and high-end product in the showers. Or, since you’re an earth sign, try brisk exercise outdoors. Field hockey, soccer, volleyball or a ferocious, full-contact sport lets you release your fierce, athletic nature and pour out any pent-up energy. Boxing, fencing and martial arts will appeal to your fighting spirit in your Taurus health routine.

Taurus health habits

Food and eating habits

Tauruses love rich, hearty meals that are comforting. You’re a meat-and-potatoes kind of person, unless you’re vegetarian, of course—Tauruses have strong principles and live by them faithfully.

With an acute sense of smell and taste, you’re prone to putting on weight, but you actually make an excellent cook. Because your presentation skills are so savvy, food fares no different, and you serve attractive meals. If you avoid the kitchen altogether, you’ll dine in the best restaurants, quickly befriending the waitstaff and the chef, and solidifying access to the best table in the house.

Keeping the glow

Your ruler Venus is the goddess of beauty, so you need no encouragement to pamper yourself. Try facials, manicures, massage or any bodywork that engages your five senses.

Because you rule the throat, your tensions may pool there, so a good way to release the energy is by singing or shouting. Rent a private karaoke room, or blast your stereo and sing at the top of your lungs. If you live in the country, drive out to a remote place and try some primal screaming. Try yogic chanting too, which can harmonize your chakras and restore your serenity.


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