Taurus Money Horoscope

Taurus rules the zodiac’s second house of earned income and material comfort. Your Taurus money style makes you a hard worker who seldom wants for cash.

Taurus money management style

When it comes to money, Taurus has two sides. You’re equal parts indulgent spender and tireless workhorse. We’ll say it straight: Taurus enjoys leisure. But once you get into action, the job always gets done and yields great profits. Taurus rules the material world and needs to be surrounded by beautiful things. If you’re a Taurus, you may be great at saving money, but too much caution can cost you in the long run. Make sure you diversify your portfolio with a mix of high-yield (but riskier) investments and slow, steady assets.

Taurus money habits: Is Taurus good with money?

Ruled by sensual Venus, you love beauty and tend toward excess. When you splurge, you don’t hold back! Despite your extravagant taste, you’re also keen at investing in pieces, such as art, real estate, collectibles and crypto  that appreciate in value over time. Before you max out the plastic, your practical side usually stages an intervention. You can follow a budget, and when focused on a goal, you’ll diligently stash your cash until you can afford it. You’re great at saving for a rainy day.

Favorite splurges for Taurus

Designer clothes, custom furniture, gourmet meals and groceries, theater and concert tickets, top-of-the-line technology, flowers, jewelry, hair care, spa treatments.

How can Taurus make more money?

Taurus can attract more wealth. You’ve got beautiful taste, but most material objects depreciate over time. Don’t let your desires to be surrounded by beauty surpass the need for long-term investments. Tauruses have a knack for financial planning, so take it on. Create a budget and savings plan that puts away solid resources for your future while leaving room for daily comforts. Spending on couture when you’re scrapping for rent, however, is no way to go. More than any other sign, you must learn the art of delayed gratification.

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